What Nike+ trainers to get? (Neutral runner)

Hi there,

A bit of background, not sure if its helpful or not... Recently got into running as I've not been playing many sports for the last several years and really feel the need to get back in shape. Though I'd never say I was a 'natural runner' or 'fit', I've always said I was very active playing Football, Basketball, Badminton amongst many others. I've been running for about 4 weeks now. Started doing 1/2 a mile in just under 4 mins (hanging on for dear life at the end), but to 1 mile in 7mins 30 secs and 2 miles in about 17 mins now.

I decided I need to get some decent trainers as I'm currently just using some Nike Air Max ones. I went on a treadmill to check for over/under pronation - and I'm a neutral runner. I'm keen to get Nike trainers as they fit me really well and I always have one of those Nike+ things which I'd like to use with there app.

After going into a running shop in town the guy said with being a neutral runner I should get the Nike+ Pegasus or the Nike+ Vomero - the later may be better they said I tend to run on my toes more and the Vomero has more cushion throughout the trainer. I'd be interested to get people opinions on this?

I found a pair of Lunar Swift which I like but I'm not sure if these will be suitable incase they're for under/over pronation though, which I think they might be?


Apologies for my newbie-ness - I just don't want to get a pair of trainers incase they're not suitable for me or could cause a bit of an injury in the long run - hope someone can help!

Thanks in advance, Steve


  • Vomeros should be fine. I use Vomero 6s for the treadmill, and had Vomero 5s before that. There are better shoes, Nike use to make better ones themselves, but Vomeros are good value. You could try on Asics Gel Cumulus, and Brooks Glycerin/Ghost are similar. I don't like the look of the Lunar range, I have no confidence in them lasting long at all.

  • I'm an over-pronator so i can't recomend a specific pair of Nike trainers for you but, I have been using Nike Lunarglide (part of the Lunar range) for a long time and I love them. They're light and comfortable but don't last quite as long as they should (not that bad though)

    Hope this helps

  • Go for a pair of Nike free. They are really good. Avoid all that

    Cushioning nonsense. Especially if you toe strike naturally.
  • Thanks, this is great. The Nike Free's sounds great but I'm not sure if there a little out of my price range at the minute. I'll have a hunt around.

    One thing that bugs me about Nike is, they have all these trainers for Neutral/Overpronation/Underpronation but they don't label which is good for what! 

    Are the Lunarglide Swift for Overpronation as they have a harder 'cushion' on the inside? What are Nike+'s Underpronation trainers? 

    Sorry, finding it all very new and confusing! Just don't want to buy some running shoes that are no good for me - really appreciate all your input. image


  • Don't worry about the pronation thing. It's basically twaddle.

    Get a minimal or barefoot shoe and run in them.
  • You don't have to use Nike trainers with the footpod, you can get a pouch that fastens into your laces so you can use any shoe.

    If you have an ipod nano 6th edition (the one that has been round for the last year) you don't even need the footpod at all.

    If you have been into a proper running shop its unlikely they would sell you anything unsuitable. Try a few on the treadmill and see what feels best. What one person recommends may be wrong for you. For a first pair I would rather pay a bit more at a shop than buy something mail order untried just to save a tenner. I tried 4 pairs before I found the ones that felt just right for me. (naturally the most expensive)

    Also you are probably more likely to get injured running fast all the time than by getting the slightly incorrect shoes

  • Cool thanks again, for the Nike Free people...

    Though I'd LOVE to get these (Think they're one of the newest pairs): 


    I may have to get something a tad cheaper for now. I'm not sure of the differences between the Nike Free range. I found a pair in town of "Nike Free Run 4.0" - will these be ok? They seemed a bit cheaper, not sure if thats just because they're 'last seasons' or something though? Heres a pic...


    WIll they do the job? They say they're Nike Free Run 4.0 - but they are older than the v3?

    Thanks again for all your help!

  • Yup. Should be fine.
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