Starting new training plan after a race

Hello. I've just finished one race (a half) and going to be doing a full marathon next year in late spring. Obviously I'm going to have a good week's rest but I'm unsure about what to do after that. I'm going to be using a Runnersworld training programme (natch) but that wouldn't start for a month or two.

Do you have any suggestions please about what to do between training programmes to keep things ticking over without doing too much? image


  • I would suggest basic mileage to allow you to comfortably start your next plan. Ensure you are easily at a level to start it when you get there and that you are completely injury free.

    Could spend your time doing some cross training or just running in new places when you don't have to worry about distance/pace etc.

    Alternatively you could focus on some shorter races for a bit... XC, 5k etc.

  • How many miles a week where you doing when you did the half?

    What time did you do the half in?

    How many miles a week is the programme for the marathon?

    Answer them and do some easy base milage and increase the milage slowly.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I'm in a similar situation, with a Half-Mara completed yesterday and a Marathon booked for April.  I have about 12 weeks until my marathon plan starts.

    I had planned to follow a ten-week 10k plan (with a week of rest pre- and post- plan).  The thought being to get a bit of pace in my legs that would carry through to the endurance training for the marathon, to help secure a PB at the marathon distance.

    However, my HM didn't go too well and I really suffered after the 10 mile mark, so now I'm considering focussing on my endurance and following a HM plan but adding a bit more distance into it (e.g. adding 1 mile onto each run etc).

    So these are just two of many different options available to you depending on what your aims/aspirations are for your marathon.

  • Have you got a HR monitor stutyr?    If so run lots of miles below 75% and you will get stronger/

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Cheers Spen71, I have got an HRM.  

    During the race it really helped - as I realised my HR was higher than it should have been, which meant I wasn't fully recovered from a recent chest cold.   So I eased my pace to try and reduce my HR back to a reasonable level.  Without it, I probably would have tried to push on and made myself worse.  Its my slowest time for a half, so I'm a little bit down about it, but at least I know there was a reason for the poor performance.  

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