Serial Pronator

Can anyone recommend a set of insoles that give lots of arch support? The problem I have is I have very flat feet with very little depth. I suspect the arch pain I'm getting in one foot (which in turn I suspect is twisting the knee and causing hamstring pain too) is because my foot is rolling in AND there is too much room in the shoe above my foot. Only happens in my left foot (I'm very right hand side dominant). 



  • will add I'm using Brooks GTS stability shoes and don't think that is the issue as have used those on/off for 3-4 years

  • don't want to go down the costly orthotic route just yet as this issue may go away anyway with my doing more running - I've not run since May and am trying to build up again. Background is long term cyclist but have dabbled at times with running (maybe doing 10-30 miles a week very very sporadically).

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