Patella / Knee Joint pain!

Hey guys,

I woke up the Wednesday just gone with a sharp pain in the top / through my knee as I bend it, especially coming down the stairs, but not as bad going up.

The pain came on all of a sudden, but I had not played any sport since the Friday before (5 days before it occured).

When prodding around it hurts more on the upper edge of the patella, but slightly more to the left of the top.

If I sit for a prolonged period it aches and gets uncomfortable, I feel the ache (throbbing) from the left through my kneecap.

When going from a flexed knee (bent) to extended (straight) the pain shoots from top left over to top right and through the kneecap, but not underneath. Exactly *inside*.

After a visit to the doctors Friday just gone, 2 days after the pain onset, he told me to rest for up to 3 months for it to fully recover. Well and truly fobbed off i'm sure!


Thanks for any help in advance, really worried as it hasn't wore off and I can't rest much as I have to drive a round tip of 1h 50m and sit in lectures all day.


  • Bump, require help please! Frustrating injury.

  • Hi Sean,

    It sounds like PFPS - Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Hopefully it should settle quickly - not the 3 months suggested!

    At this stage you just want to calm down the pain - try to minimalise doing activities that aggravate it for a few days - this might mean going down stairs one step at a time leading with your bad foot for a day or so. Anti-inflams might help too.

    Often taping the knee will reduce the pressure on it - there's a technique called

    McConnell taping that works really well.

    Once it settles it's important to work out the cause and address it. This might mean strengthening quads and glutes, stretching ITB, hamstring and calf or working on balance and control. You may need to see a Physio for some guidance on this!

    Hope that helps

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