Nerve Entrapment after Plantar Fasciotomy

I have suffered with plantar fascitis in both feet for the last 2 years. My doctor finally decided surgery was the answer and performed a plantar fasciotomy on May 17, 12.

It appears that the plantar fasciitis has resolved itself as both feet feel somewhat better although not 100%. (I did not have surgery in the left foot, only cortisone shots to date)

My problem now is a recurring pain that makes my heel bone ache constantly as if it's bruised and I have a sharp shooting, burning pain that runs horizontally from my instep to the outside of my foot. I am unable to walk across the floor first thing in the morning just like with plantar, but once stretched I can move somewhat easier for an hour or so. The burning, shooting pain however seems to get worse as the day progresses. It renders my foot unable to sustain any pressure from walking and will occur spontaneously throughout the day. I have obvious scar tissue in the vicinity of the incision and I'm afraid the nerve has become entraped in the scar tissue from the surgery.

What, if any, are my options for treatment? I've been unable to run or walk for nearly 2 years and the effects are becoming obvious. Weight gain is obviously making the matter worse and I'd like to do something before I face the idea of surgery in order to correct.

Any advice?

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