The Hereward Way Ultra (40 Miles)

Any ideas ? The website here states 40 miles, their website states 54 and the online payment section states 40 miles image


  • It's about 38 miles in total, unless they've changed the route (unlikely).

    It's also a relay race for clubs, I did one leg last year, you get a lot of crowd support at the change overs which is nice! Not a bad run either, over 50% tarmac but also field boundaries, river bank, farm tracks etc

  • Ultra rocker you are thinking of the hereward relay/ultra which is 38 miles this one is a different event and part of the relentless series.

    It is 54 miles Roadrunner - i did point out to them alot of places are saying 40 miles and they are looking in to it.

    Are you planning on running it ? I am running along with a friend

  • Amanda - you are completely correct - I didn't know there was enough interest to actually hold two ultras in our area!!! Shame i'm doing Druids the week after or I would have been tempted....

  • Yes running it on my birthday image
  • Lovely what a birthday present image I have the maps and will today be making

    Them online so they can be downloaded if you join their Facebook group I think that is where they will be posted

    Are you going

    For a

    Time on the day ?

    @ultra rocker yes I was surprised too image
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