Whiplash - how long will I be out of action or?

Some guy drove into the back of me, leaving me with some pretty serious whiplash. I'm absolutely gutted. I was all ready to do VoTwo's Pembrokeshire Coastal Challenge ultra this November but now I can't see it happening. I've been kidding myself I might be alright come the 2nd of November but I'm walking around like Robocop. I was running for Ty Hafan children's hospice and it feels like I'm letting them down. I'm hoping the organisers will transfer my fee to another event, more than likely the Jurassic coast ultra in late march. Has anyone any advice or been in a similar position. Will I be able to run the ultra in march?


  • Sorry to hear that but surely it depends on the degree of it ? I'd be asking your doctors I think ?

    Hope it gets better soon.
  • Hi Rain Dog, sorry to hear that.

    I had quite bad whiplash last summer when a white van drove into the back of me at traffic lights one Monday morning. I didn't run all week as I was too stiff and sore but had a 10k race on the Sunday that I didn't want to miss. I just ran it rather than raced it, wasn't too bad by then (I'd been on paracetamol and ibuprofen all week) Wouldn't have been able to race it though.

    I eased my way back into training, as it was June I was post-spring marathon anyway.

    I would really recommend you get physio as soon as you can. I had to wait 4 months for mine through the insurance thanks to a useless solicitor and developed a back problem that then developed into a bad injury halfway round New York marathon. I should have just gone through the NHS instead of waiting.

    When do you need to make a decision by? If you could see how you feel even next week you might have come on a bit. An ultra is a whole different ball game to a 10k though!

    Hope you're feeling better soon.
  • I've had whiplash twice... once kept me out of football for 6 months (mainly related to heading the ball)... and the other stopped me doing any sport for 2-3 months.  I guess it just depends on the damage.

    Good luck with it.  People dismiss it as an insurance con... which it often is... but when it's not, it is very unpleasant.

  • As others have said, it will really depend on how bad it is. Again, agreeing with what has already been said, but make sure you get some treatment ASAP. If it heals badly due to a delay in treatment it can take a lot longer to sort out in the long run. I had to delay treatment after sustaining whiplash due to the insurance dragging their feet, and at the time I was broke and didn't think I could afford to go see a physio. Looking back I should've stuck it on a credit card and claimed it back as I ended up in pain for a couple of years, which could've been avoided if I'd had treatment immediately.

  • Hi Rain Dog,

    I agree with everyone above, it really depends on severity.

    I'm a Physio if you can answer a few questions I can give you an idea of your prognosis;

    Where is your pain? Does it spread into your arms or hands?

    Any pins and needles or numbness?

    Is your neck range of movement limited or just painful?

    Early treatment is key. NHS usually treat it as urgent so you should be seen quickly but your GP will have to refer you.

    Sometimes it can settle quickly so you might be up and running by November - hopefully!

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