Help with recovery from sore quads from RunLP pls

Hi guys, please help

RunLiverpool was my first marathon, and the furthest i had run by 8 miles, so i expected plenty of pain and stiffness in the wake of it to be honest, but i'd like to learn more about my quads, and why these kill when nothing else hurts at all?

Why do you think it is everything is fine (quite unbelievably so in fact), but my quads are so tight? The same goes for my running partner too.

4 hrs 9 min

Thanks in advance


EDIT: I have to lower myself into chairs, and walking up or down the stairs is a one-at-a-time suffle, with both hands firmly on the rail!


  • This usually depends on the running style why your getting pain in your quads, Im not running expert but if theres a lack of strength in your glutes or you are leaning forward whilst running (which can be good to a certain extent) then your quads will feel it more. Theres almost too many factors to say why its your quads alone. Are they ok now?


  • Hi and thanks for your reply.

    They are fine now, but it took a good week before I couldn't feel them walking down stairs. I didn't realise at the time how common an injury/symptom of marathon running it was, but since posting this thread I've discovered it to be so.

    We haven't run down hill for anywhere near as far (in one go) as we did on the day, and due to my running partners weak knee we did take the slope down into the tunnel very carefully (it's 1mile roughly), and I understand now the breaking effect wouldn't of done us any favours either!


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