Rotary Shakespeare marathon 3013

I am looking for a spring marathon for next year (my first) Has anyone done this event & if so would it be suitable for a first timer (not too many undulations!)





  • I'm looking at this one as well for a potential first marathon and I'm local so would be very convenient.  Should have done the half this year but couldn't in the end (just as well as it was such a grotty day they curtailed the full marathon and only allowed people to run the one lap for the half).

    Eager to see if it's suitable for a slow first time marathoner!


  • And me, hopefully get some replies. Stratford my place of birth & also conveniant for me to get to!

  • yes its a nice course

    mainly rural, a few odd inclines, can be lonely at times, i think its a 2:30 cut off at 11.5 miles were the Half and full splits

  • flimby this was my first marathon 4 years ago and it's as micknphil have described. The second spell on the greenway is a bit tough and drags a bit. Having said all that it is a wonderful run when the weather is good and running into the finish area is great. I am back for number 4 next year as well
  • I'm just wondering how many of us will be around in 1001 years to run the race you're planning image
  • Mick, it's 2.25.00 at 11.84 miles and if you've not covered this distance you're not carrying on and you'll be directed to the half marathon finish line. I know folk who have missed the cut off.

    It's fine for a first marathon. Well organised, there IS a bit of a hill that saps your will to live at mile 18 when you climb it for the second time (the course is a two lapper) but I enjoyed it.

    Didn't mind the greenway.
  • ohh ok sweetheart

    seeing u taught me all i know i'll heed

  • Personally I'd pick a different one, I've done the half twice and hated it both times, especially the Greenway. Nothing wrong with the event per se, I've just really really not enjoyed it. And had two rubbish races.

  • Now I'm tempted. Missed out on London and this looks a reasonable first marathon. Not too far from home either. I'll have a think.

     What's the Greenway?

  • Thanks all for replies.

    Bit worried about the 2 laps as I did the Ashby 20 in March & found lap 2 tough. Think fear of the unknown is sometimes a good thing!  Just wanted something local as I will be driving back after & live about 45 mins away. Still sounds promising though!

  • Ps,According to website the greenway is a 5 mile traffic free path running out of central Stratford (cycle network) Looks scenic but running it may be a different matter, just hope there's not too many cyclists using it on race day.....

  • It's a dusty track if it's dry but it's OK I promise you! The main reason for the cut off is to stop all the London rejects thinking "I can do this" when they're not prepared to actually TRAIN for it.

    I really enjoyed it. The support was great and I would recommend it as one to pop your cherry on image


  • Nice one liverbird. I was going to do Manchester flm this year but pulled out due to injury (when you see the reviews thank god I did although it cost me 40 quid I couldn't get back!)

    In terms of my training its case a case of building up the milage VERY steadily & not go mad & knacker knee like I did in Feb, luckily in my case recovered. 

    Stratford my prefered race for next year especially as its my birth town!

  • It's very friendly. But a note of caution - I did it in 09 and you do NOT get a t shirt as part of your entry fee so if you want one, buy one before the race and be quick because the tech tees sell out.

    I bought it because it was my first and I wanted to show off image
  • I first met Liver Bird at Home town shakepare fm


  • Thanks for info, might be worth doing that as it will be my first flm!!

  • And it was my pleasure to meet you and Phil, Mick! image
  • ure humour LB was always special

    i never will forget u -

  • *Blows kiss*

    I don't come on here much anymore. It's not like old days image
  • even at Chester that year u made us feel human

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