St Swithun's Way

Has anybody run the 34-mile St Swithun's Way between Winchester and Farnham? I have just moved to one end of it and am considering taking a train to the other end then running back on a Sunday when I have nothing else to do, as a first foray into looong distance running. Hilly is fine, as is mud - but if it dull or close to traffic, then I may not bother. Any advice welcome, thanks.


  • Nope, but there's tonnes of detail here

    I didnt even know it existed... Might have a crack at the Alton to Farnham bit in a coulpe of weeks..

  • Well I attempted the section from Alton to Farnham this morning, and have to say it's pretty badly signed. Lost the trail in Lower Froyle and only found it again at the end. A passing cyclist put me back on track at Well, so I was fairly far off image.

    The little I did see alternates between narrow country road and field side tracks. The country side is pretty, but not super inspiring.

    If you're going to give it a go, I'd strongly suggest having a map to hand image

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