Gaiters for running shoes?

Hi there - am doing my first Half on Sunday and it looks like rain image  I have no prob running in the rain, but I do tend to get blisters once socks get wet.  Are there such things as running gaiters to protect the soft mesh part of the front of the trainers from getting soaked?  Anyone use any?  Are they any good????


  • A cheaper and more practical solution might be to use Bodyglide on the offending area.

  • oh right - will look into that - thanks.  image


  • try some merino wool rich socks - they won't stop your feet getting wet but are supposed to be warmer and comfier when wet than cotton.   

  • ok cheers for the tip image

  • (Decathlon do running gaiters - raid type things - never tried them but they might work)


  • Never run in merino socks, but the tops take forever to dry out :/
  • Jennifer, I rub Vaseline all over my feet before long runs, particularly if I'm expecting my feet to get wet. Worked for the Greater Manchester Marathon (pouring down, running through large puddles, etc. etc.) and lots of other times.

  • I think that it is the socks that need attention.

    I've tried thick, thin, fancy, double layered, fleecy, cheap, supermarket and shoe shop branded.

    What I've found best are the give away socks from sporstshoes dot com or others, More Mile they are called. Worn in to the point of being worn out. Tough, oh yes. Cotton? NO. There's the secret. You don't feel the damp and it wicks away. The first deep puddle and the water feels warm. Keep running on.

  • I use Sealskinz socks, bit pricey but they do stop blisters forming when my feet get wet.

  • Inov-8 produce gaiters, & socks.

    Now a compony like that knows a lot about wet/manky conditions, & trying to keep feet dry.

    And, just as luck would have it, one of the listed advertisers to the right is Pete Bland, who stock Inov-8 (& are a great show for fell-running clothing/shoes)

  • The Inov-8 gaiters are debris gaiters. Great for keeping bits of sticks,and small stones out of your shoes, but not waterpoof (unless they do some other gaiters that I've never seen anywhere).

  • A bit late (hope the half went well) but I was always getting painful blisters underneath my toes when I ran in wet conditions. Then I tried a pair of Toe Toe socks, they stop my toes rubbing together which was a problem with wet training shoes on, they look odd (until you get your shoes on) but I have had no problem since - I love 'em! They're a bit steep but worth trying a pair, they work for me. image

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