Foot injury

Two weeks ago after a 13k run, my foot felt really unstable and was hurting like crazy along the peroneal tendon. It got okay in about two days but the next week when I ran 7k, the pain came back and it was worse than the first time. Was limping for a couple of days. I haven't run for about ten days now and my foot feels a lot better though it is not entirely okay. I can't feel anything most of the time but it's slightly achy and a little swollen (this I think has to do with a mild case of plantar fasciitis as the swelling has pretty much been there for the past two months and never subsides completely). I am really frustrated from not running though. Have a 10k race coming up on 18th November as well so want to get in shape for that. Is it safe for me to start running again, or will the foot pain come back with a vengeance? Of course no one can say for sure, but any thoughts will be appreciated. 

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