VLM 2013 Travel/Hotel Advice

Help required please, didn't expect to get a ballot place so totally underprepared.  I was planning on staying in Hertfordshire the night before and getting a train in on the morning.  Is this even feasible does anyone know?  

Or am I better trying to find a hotel room nearer the start?

The thought of having to travel back on the train after doesn't fill me with joy but I'm travelling alone so not sure what the best thing to do is?

Thanks in advance


  • I have travelled in from borehamwood very easily twice , it really is very easy, change at london bridge and not to bad getting back. 6 stops from kings cross

  • If you are staying within walking distance of a "Thameslink" station you may have half a chance but for the rest of Herts the first train into London gets in about 07.30, which makes it very tight for thr start at Greenwich, best of luck

  • Thanks Dave and LRR, I had a look at the trains times and didn't want to risk it to be honest. Would be coming from Letchworth or Stevenage and it does look a bit tight. Found a room at Docklands that was reasonably priced so that'll take a bit of worry out of it!

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