Winterswim 2012/13

WinterSwim is all inclusive, free to enter, available to all abilities, and open to everyone in any location in the world.  All you need is a Swimming Pool.

To enter this year's winterswim all you need to do is swim 400m (16 lengths of a 25m pool) as fast as you can.  Then register on this website and post your time.  ALL ABILITIES ARE WELCOME.

This 400m time will be your 'Base Time' and will be converted to a percentage of the current Olympic record for 400m of that person's gender. We will use that value to score later performances.

You have to submit a 'Base Time' before the round opens.  If you miss this deadline you will not be able to take place in that round.  However, if you miss the cut-off date for a round then please still submit your 'Base Time', through this website, as you will then be able to complete in the next round.

For further details and to register please click this link



  • I saw this. Is it winter already image

  • Is it that time of year already?! Perhaps this will again give me the incentive to get back in the pool on a regular basis. Haven't swum since Outlaw - apart from a couple of sprint tri's image  

    So, a little over five weeks to try to regain a bit of swim fitness and post a 400m base time. Should be doable.

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    or in my case a little over 5 weeks to try and count 16 lengths without forgetting which length i'm on.image

    and its worse than that becuase i only need to count to 8 ie each time i return to the start is 50 metres and i still get it wrong most of the time.

  • That should get me swimming again...  Although I hate to think how slow my time will be...

  • I am back in this again, just need to do 400m in one go and remember to count my lengths correctly.

  • Are you allowed to stop the clock while you rest after each length? image

  • I have entered image

  • I am in. Used the time from Will's swim league for the base 400m.

    Chuffed to see I am 25 seconds faster for the base 400m than last year. If I do that again I will break the 6 min ceiling image

  • This could be the extra motivation I need to get to 6.30

    I quite like Wills little group as well, personally for me Winterswim got too big in the last few years (no criticism on their part!!)  so I think I shall update both  image

  • image I see Coach has already entered a time for his 400m

  • I'm in too!

  • Received an email about it this morning. Used my best time from Will's swim as my base.

  • If I use mt best time from WIlls table then I really will set myself a task ... which may be a good thing !!

  • Done my 200m time this morning, at the moment I am top of the leader board  in % difference for my age group, but expecting M...eldy to record a smashing time and claim the top spot from me.

    The current round closes on the 23rd Dec.

  • I dont think thats likely if its a % thing .. I must confess to not totally understanding it but I was in a better position alast year with a marked improvement than this year with a quicker base time ... if that makes sense!

    That said ... I do have a goal for 200m   image

  • Well I made it an easy goal if you go by my time alone, and yes I don't fully understand how they work it all out, but it does give me an incentive to go swimming during the wintertime.

  • Someone has logged a time for my 200m, it was not me image

    Password has been changed.

  • Gazmanmeister the question is was the time logged quicker than your time or not?

  • Haven't done it yet, so no idea 

  • 2 swim sessions this week, pool nearly empty for early swim so was able to set a half decent time for myself. image

  • Last attempt at 200 on Friday AM - 4 epic thrashes to get under 3:00, missed by seconds every time. Then broke it on the 1st 200 of an easy 400 after giving up as I was getting slower. But as it wasn't technically a 200, I've not recorded it, so 200 time is 3:01.

  • I've noticed that Foz, almost the harder I try to swim quick then the slower I go, if I concentrate on technique and 'power' then I am just as quick if not quicker

    I'm sure it all makes sense to people who know what they are talking about !!

  • Which I think is why my splits are better on long swims than I can manage straight out! After 15 years of not really doing any training (average annual volume around 10k!)  I've now got my *rse into gear and am banging in multiople sessions per week. Times are getting better as I get stronger and fitter. Hoping to be back down around 23-24 min for 1,500 next year. Which ain't bad for an old 'un! 

    Serious start to 2013 run training will be delayed till Mrs F's awesome Christmas cake is finished though.

  • Swimming only once a week currently, but finding my pace pretty good at the moment.

  • I set my time for 1500m, now gone down with the lurgy, this activity lark is bad for your health.

  • Anyone know whatever happened to WinterSwim? It was awesome, and now all I find myself doing is paddling aimlessly......
  • It hasnt been around for a few years now - shame, I enjoyed it too

  • Maybe we could start a WinterSwim 2015 thread on the same principles? Though I haven't a faintest what the algorithms were to determine self improvement rates and comparable scores...I'd be working on the value of qualitative feedback, supported by actual figures....
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