cotswold 113

Was just looking at entering my first middle distance and was considering entering the Cotswold 113.  Do people consider this as a good first middle distance?  Any other thoughts would be greatly received from a nervous shortround



  • I have never done it, but I have marshalled at it from it's inception last year.

    2x laps for swim, 2x laps for bike (v flat and therefore v fast) and 3x laps for run.

    Very very friendly set up. 

    I have the bike route on mapmyride if you would like the link/tcx file

  • cheers Schmunkee

    how do i get the link/tcx file?

  • It changed in August to beung a 1 lap swim, which I prefer.

    It was really nice and I would definitely recommend it as a first (mind you its the only half I've done)

    I'd do it again this year but I think its a bit close ot Outlaw and the August is a bit too close to my London-Paris ride (I think)

  • bike route

    lap 1 of 3
    it was a bit different in August as there was a run route diversion due to the weather

  • You ask me image

    Bike Leg from mapmyride

    To the right of the course map, there is the option to export as a gpx. 



    This should enable you to download straight to your hard drive.  If it doesn't I can mail it to you as a separate document

  • Thanks Schmunkee can u email it to me on this site?

  • Cheers Matt

  • It doesn't look like I can.  image

    If you PM me your email address I can send it to you

  • Unable to PM address as it says i cant validate it.  Ill see if i can find it on the net somewhere, 

    Thanks for the help and advice

  • You can download a tax off that link I posted
  • Just did it  Matt, cheers

  • shortround - are you local to the 113?  If so, happy to go out for a ride around the course with you

  • No unfortunately i live near coventry, but have looked into it more and looks like a good course especially for first time middle distance.

    But thank you for the offer

  • Hey guys

    Thanks for your kind words on the event.

    I have a .tcx file if anyone needs it or can answer any questions either through here or by email ( or phone (07595 591612)

    Entries open on Nov 1st if you're interested in entering

    The courses for 2013 will remain unchanged from what we had this year, although in the August event we had to shorten the run at the last minute due to flooding. I've been sending Nicci and the kids to church every sunday to pray for a dryer 2013, so hopefully we should run a dry course over the normal 13mile run distance image



  • lurks now that wife has gone to bed ill.... off to try and find a website...

  • Hmm, website says in a Cotswold, wherever that is, towns with names like Upside down - Smortsford Banger next the Piddle, 

  • Where are you looking DB image

  • Aha! Swindon! Link on site is bust but digging a bit deeper! 'Lo Shmunks


  • OK, so event makes it to stage II of the DB annihilation process. Website not THAT informative but it's not open yet, so forgiven...old fart questions for Mr Hardie

    1. How much?
    2. Register on day?
    3. Is transition hard or soft? (sensible or swamp?) 
    4. Start time?
    5. Adequate pre race loos/showers/changing afterwards?
    6. Parking available within 400 yards of transition?
    7. Nutrition type/make provided on course if any?
    8. Post race cheeseburgers available? (decent ones, not crap)
    9. What are the road surfaces like? Smooth as a babys bum/OK/mostly OK/ Bits of mank/juddery ridges and the odd pothole/fillings deposited on road/full suss MTB with low pressure tyres needed
    10. Is there a bangin' goody bag?




  • 1) Was ??75

    2) no - i don't think so

    3) soft but fine

    4) 6am

    5) not really but theyre working on it apparently . the campsite is dead close and obviously has all the facilities iu need

    6) not far off

    7) High5

    8) there was a burger van . looked pretty good but i didnt actually try one

    9) as smooth as most british roads. Certainly mostly ok

    10) no , bit disappointing except the insulated mug
  • Mwah! Thanks dear!

  • image cant believe he didn't try the burger van!!!

  • This was recommended to me as I'm fairly local, the course is flat and I can do my OW swim practice here. Although without knowledge on the quality of the burgers I'm wavering...

  • The burgers are delish and courtesy of Dave's Burger van, although there is talk of potentially more food being available

    Mrs Digger - I am local too. Let me know if you want company on a swim and/or bike image
  • Burger endorsements! Now this could be getting serious. How are the chips? Is there brown sauce and maybe english mustard for the burgers? How is Dave's tea?

  • I'm planning on doing this.  You up for it too DB?  Could be a good social occasion by the sounds. image

  • DB - the chips are awesome. As for the condiments, if you sign up I will make sure you have whatever sauce and mustard you want image
  • I might just come for the burger and chips - sodd the race image

  • Oh, there's a cafe at one of the other nearby lakes as well. Total Heart Attack Breakfast served all day, and cakes that are good enough that cycle clubs make a detour. Tea served in mugs.

    'scuse me, I'd like a table for 40!

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