Keeping up endurance with a 6.20 minute mile

I am running at 6.20 a mile quite comfortably now but need some advice on how to keep this pace up over a longer distance so i can build it up to become a good half marathon and marathon runner 


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  • I'm not really an expert at the longer distances nor on how long you can keep it up forimage  6.20 that is !

    For the longer distances you need to be doing 80% distance work and 20% of the faster and strength stuff IMHO.

    I would try to find out what pace you can sustain for 90 minutes without your heart rate increasing. So try that in HR Zone 2 and then try to up the pace on subsequent attempts. If you work over and under that 'threshold' pace then ultiamtely that threshold will increase and you'll get faster at your top end as well (providing you don't neglect the 20%)

    sy waffling, hope that made some sense.


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    Goals: 82% Age Graded 5k and an open water Triathlon.

  • Once again you have asked the same basic question that you keep asking every few weeks.  Do you ask a question then not look at the advice people give you?

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