Blackpool marathon vs Liverpool

Hi... Just done Liverpool and got a PB 3:12... Was hoping for 3:10 but but lost a bit of pace on the hill to Sefton Park and coming out of the tunnel.... Anyone else run Liverpool who has also ran Blackpool? I hear that it's very flat and a good PB course.... Opinions ??


  • I have run the blackpool marathon twice and many half marathons which cover the same ground. The course is flat with only a few slopes between the coast path and the park between Bispham and Blackpool. However, running in Blackpool is like links golf. If it is calm you will have a great PB chance. If it is windy then you will be happy to get round.

    It is often windy in blackpool image

  • As above but the same can be said for liverpool in places I've done both but blackpool has changed part of the route since I did it. As a general rule I'd say blackpool is quicker but you run the risk of chuffing rubbish bad weather. You could always do both.

  • I have also done both, I would agree about Blackpool being potentially quicker. I would add however that I found running the same half marathon course twice very difficult mentally. The support was also a lot better at Liverpool, which definately helps towards the end.

  • image The support in liverpool is special and not many marathons can match it.

  • The best blackpool marathon for me was when I was injured and cake ran it for me. I had a 99 and a ride on the donkeys........happy days!

  • image It was good for me two mate.

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