TVXC 2012/13 Thread

So who's in?

My 3rd year as a Bracknell Forest Runner here, looking forwards to Metros, Tadley and Sandhurst courses - Maybe not so much Datchet though.. bit of a thrash.



  • Good work mate, had been awaiting the thread eagerly.

    Similar thoughts to you in Datchet. Flat fields and paths make it barely a XC.

    Finchampstead is a big loss this year, as it's got such a challenging mid rac triple hill section, not to mention entertaining scenery.

    Looking forward the most to Tadley and Sandhurst.
    Handy Cross is a must do but tough.
    Metros I've never done, and for some reason it never quite appeals, 3 laps, Often cancelled.......
    Bracknell is alright, but the double lap never quite feels great and is always easy to under-estimate.

    Reading, if you're in top shape is a good race. If you're not quite top form, like I wasn't last year, it feels a right drag!

  • I'm hoping to give them a go - I've marshalled for the Reading one the last couple of years (due to injury) but much rather run them!

  • Arse, they've moved the Tadley fixture to 13th Jan, the 6th was so ideal!

    Now might have to choose between the most varied Xc and going to Man Utd v Liverpool.

    Other option is to race, and go to Arsenal v Man City, as running xc at 11 and getting to the 4pm if it's in London just about works!

  • The mild plantar fasciitis that i'd been ignoring for six months is now a major problem.  For that reason, i'm out.

    Handy Cross is my favourite though. 

  • We're in - but only as guests and only for Windsor as we happen to be down visiting that weekend image

    Gotta get my cake fix somehow!

  • what's with all these animal little pics..geta  running pic up so we can vaguely see who you are image

    sleepy i know who you are, good to see you back.

    I've had some runs in with this course. Hada  disaster one year, after a great combo of my navigational mate pulling out on the day,  going the wrong way down the M4, very nearly running out of petrol in Reading (!!), then falling foul to all the road closures and didn't find the start!  

    3 words.  grumpy drive home.

    then 2 years ago, ran 95% of it with an untied lace. Lucky it's such a flat one really, as any other course that would have been a little dangerous!

  • nah - you change yours LOLOLOLOLOL image

    Thanks - really looking forward to seeing everyone again.

    Will be interesting to see how I get on this time since I haven't done anything of any substance since Langdale - still ... what doesn't kill me and all that!

    How funny - maybe Windsor's a bit jinxed - we went to the wrong place last year and then asked a friendly policeman who turned out not to be from the area so he didn't know where we were meant to be either.  Luckily we were rescued by a little old lady with her pull-along shopper who sent us this way then that way ... but we did get there eventually. Can't remember the way this year either but we'll muddle through I'm sure!




  • Your tale sounds familiar. I remember in pure panic asking random coppers, who didn't know the area, considering ditching the car at random pay meters, even putting a couple of quid in one, before instead burning back off. Then finally finding the venue of the 5k race, but not having a clue where the xc race started.

    I wouldn't have cared if i'd started 5mins late and had to haul my way through the field....i basically just needed to finish to win that section of the marlow championship! Failed, and cost me the quadruple image

    That championship was a right bind. Turned up to a couple of events with a fever, and bad cough, not to mention having to run offroad hilly 10ks at a couple of weeks notice!image

    ps make sure Ben's properly registered as a guest, wouldn't want matey boy in your club to have to dob him in image

  • LOL - we've told the man with the clipboard - I think that's all we have to do ain't it? (and pay the extra 50p or whatever it is these days).

    Hope you've got rid of any random germs for this season?  Are you still running in red and white for xc? (Or did I just make that up totally and they're completely different colours - it's always possible with my random brain)

    Talking of Ben - better go feed him else he'll implode image

  • was weighing up a club change, but to be honest i don't intend to train with one for the foreseeable, so seems best to stay put XC wise for this series at least.

    Local club were an option, but then to come 13th or 14th club home would be a bit pointless, and would ask the question why leave Marlow to start with.

    ps yep feed that bloke. 50min 10milering needs a fuelling.

  • You staying Sandhurst then?

  • for this series 100% yes.

    The original plan was 1st claim Sandhurst for the xcs, and 2nd claim local club, for localish races, occasional turn ups at the club etc.

    ran into problems last summer, not realising that you can't score for a 2nd claim club in team prize scenarios in open events. I had thought the rule was that you can't run as your 2nd claim lot IF the 1st claim lot were there in a team series (such as the xcs)

    Long and short of it, is i'll be 1 club going forward, but will re-assess what the best option is come having a single club 40miles away isn't that sensible image

  • It's a flipping nightmare ain't it?  We've unintentionally encountered problems with Ben before - I really don't see why you can't just run for whoever you choose on that day.  If you want to pay two sets of membership fees then that's surely upto the individual.  As long as they declare who they're running for and turn up in the right kit then really... who cares?  Ok so it's probably more complicated than that but it's not like we're talking running for England or France - we're all amateurs after all.

    Soap box is back in the cupboard.

    Even more intriguing is the local league I'll be running in up here - not sure why the ladies run a shorter course than the men - maybe they wouldn't want us to break a sweat LOL.  Athletics - equality - harumph image

    Another reason to come back and enjoy the hospitality of TV!


  • I can understand stopping you running as your 2nd claim club when you're in a closed club series of events where your 1st claim club is running too. That makes sense.

    It doesn't make sense stopping you running as either club you choose for a random open event, that may give a team prize, but isn't aS such a closed team series.

    For example, running the local 10k last year, it made sense to run as my local club, rather than one 40miles away, as plenty of the local club were running.

    I suppose unless you're either pretty well known (like Ben!), or have a snitchy team mate (like me) you can get a way with whatever image

    ps don't get me started on the rulebook for changing 1st claim club.

    How on earth it's legal for the original club to in effect "Hold" your registration even when your year's membership has run out I'll never know. They don't pay you, so you should surely be able to change 1st claim club tomorrow.

    Instead, you have to get sign off from both clubs, pay a fee, and face a potential ban!

    ps Sleepy, the league Ben should have raced down here was on a saturday.  Probably similar to what you're describing there.  Segregated races based on gender and age, and longer distance for the men. Higher standard too at the front.

  • Both my clubs are in the TVXC league. Coasters are the first claim, plus the club pays for entrance. image

    Tadley move works for me, so I can run it. 6th Jan will be a Cardiff hangover. Not looking forward to dull Datchet, but the rest should be good. Bring on the cakes!

  • Myself and my other half are also looking forward to the TVXC season starting,  this will be our 3rd year running these with our club image I enjoy most of the races but my favourites would  have to be Datchet and Tadley, the only one I havent run is Bracknell so looking forward to giving that one a try this season image

  • Hi Claire

    I really like Bracknell - there's a cheeky little steep hill towards the end - almost like running up a little sand dune to watch out for but definitely one of my favourites last year.


  • WoolWool ✭✭✭
    What's happened to Finch? Have they dropped out of the league completely? That had to be my favourite course.

    The datchet boys are nicely wound up about the series this year. I'm little / no use this year so may just run a few faves. Somehow I quite like Reading with the cavalry charge start. I have no defence to the Datchet course. Seems we have the worst XC and by far the worst 5k course. Hey ho, we're still the best clubimage
  • Wool, Datchet are like the Man City of the TVXC, never competitive in the slightest until what looks like a systematic recruitment drive, possibly or possibly not helped by a foreign billionaire image

    In seriousness tho, Finch had the most gloriously challenging section in the whole series, a triple hill combo in the middle, that was really enthralling whilst being very knackering. I believe they simply struggled for marshals being a small club. This was on top of their council hyping the fee up each year.

    I hope it's just a one year absence....

    You have a good course to bring newbies into the series, and it's traditional with the rememberance day bit. But yes, dull course! Like a park run, but double the length.

    As for your 5k, not the worst, Wycombe is worse.

  • WoolWool ✭✭✭
    SG - I will flick you a few rubels as I trot past your Marshall point tomorrow. Never run the Marlow HM before and tomorrow looks a perfect day to lose my virginity.

    Wycombe 5k is defo too far from home to bothered with again. Have heard there is going to be a new super flat Parkrun in slough which could well become a fave of the racing snakes (& snails like me).
  • Wool you looked like you were cruising today, not many people know what their own name is at 10miles on that course, let alone recognising people marshalling!

    My view on park runs probably isn't helped by the fact the one i did was Black Park on bog like conditions.  If Slough is certified, and fast might well be the best option of the local 3...if you don't get gunned down first!

  • Looking forward to next weekends mud run, sorry "XC".

    Stevie G . wrote (see)
    My view on park runs probably isn't helped by the fact the one i did was Black Park on bog like conditions.  If Slough is certified, and fast might well be the best option of the local 3...if you don't get gunned down first!

    Most parkruns are on PO10....if it's fast and not too busy then I'm very interested. Woodley is a new one round here, but 3 laps of a park...

  • Not long to go now!! Really looking forward to the first race image

  • Bloody hell that was a bit hard, struggled in to 15th place, we had a good turnout I must say. (BFR)

    Good work by Datchet as ever, the weather gods are with you.

  • Aye, twas a cracking day. A huge amount of runners overall; it was nice to have different people in front of me today image Some loss of traction in the damp bits, but it must have been a hell of a lot worse down the field.

    Added fun for me was banter and competition with my 2nd claim club. We (FC) put out about 10 people, It always amazes me that other teams (Datchet, Sandhurst) can run an event and compete.

  • 15th! well done Sprint, apparently the biggest field ever... what was your time?

    Iron, the big clubs have huge numbers, they can put their best runners out and still have plenty to marshall etc

  • 2 minutes slower than last year for me - but way less painful  Happy days!

    Amazing turnout today - and fabulous cake - don't worry SG I ate yours image

  • I agree that was a tough run today, I was pleased though as managed to run around 2 minutes quicker than last year, and my other half was pleased as he managed to finish near to the top image  it was an amazing turnout today, I think around 70  were from the club Im with, and I agree Sleepy bear the cakes were great at the end!

  • Stevie G . wrote (see)

    15th! well done Sprint, apparently the biggest field ever... what was your time?

    Got 34.29

    Progression is (2010) 40.20, (2011) 37.14 so bringing it down nicely. 

  • Claire - by any chance do you have your name on your vest and run for RRR?  If so,  we ran to the finish line together image

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