Half marathon Sunday, Parkrun Saturday?

I'm just getting back into it after about 18 months out - no injury just Couchitis.

Any 6 weeks in, and I'm back to actual running rather than 'dragging myself along'.

I have my first half (since I've been training again) this Sunday and, while I'm not expecting anything near my best, I don't want to completely ruin it for myself.

Problem is, I did my first Parkrun on Saturday gone, and was really surprised at doigd sub 8m30s - which is only 30s off my best for that distance.

I'm struggling to taper this week as I have the bug a bit again...... After doing 7.5 on Sunday gone I've managed to stop myself going out, and was going to do a 3/4 tonight.

Would it be terrible to do the parkrun again the day before the race? 


  • 8minutes30 for a 5k Parkrun is impressive.

  • Ha ha, Should have written 8m30s mile splits.

  • I decided to sit out of parkrun before my last half marathon. Tempting as it is to do I don't think you'd regret it, it'll be there next Saturday. I did about 6 miles on Thursday before and left it at that. Then again I didn't get a PB!

  • If you just want to do another Parkrun to get closer to your t-shirt just turn up Saturday morning and take it VERY easy, a light jog for 5kilometres wont harm your performance the next day. If you are going to be chasing a PB on Saturday morning it's almost certain you wont perform your best in a half marathon 24 hours later.

  • After doing nothing for a week there's no chance I'd be taking it very easy on Saturday - especially with other runners to 'follow'.

    Guess I'm better just staying away then.

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