Gel kayano issues

Afternoon all

recently changed my Kayano 16s for 17s. Initailly they seemed great, but recently i have developed pain in my right heel, which is now spread to my left.

ive had a dig around online and found a couple of reviews suggesting that the new heel structure in the 17s doesnt give as much support, and could cause problems for overpronators (me)

i had about 3 pairs of 16s with zero issues (kicking myself for spending the extra £10 on 17s now) and would love another pair, but they appear to be as rare as hens teeth

that leaves me with the 18s....

im worried that they may cause the same issue. Has anyone had a similar experience to me ? can you recommend the 18s ?




  • Well after doing some research, i decided to go for some Brooks Ravenna 2s. Royles had them for £45, so i bought two pairs. Did 7km tonight in them and they were pretty good. No heel pain and much lighter than the Asics.

    Happy days 

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