RunLiverpool 2013

Just to advise there will be a de-brief with both local authoriities to establish if / when the marathon can happen next year. This will be within two weeks.

If all goes well then the marathon should be on Sunday, 13th October - no Premier League fixtures that weekend.

Assuming we are granted permission to host the event then we can start the process all over again. It not, you will be the first to know.



  • If they put this out to tender I shall personally shove dog crap through the letterbox at LCC. Why change a winning formula? image

  • Don't think it will come to that...

  • Send them the reviews!
  • Hmmmm do I do it again???
  • yeeeesss... you know you want to... look into my eyes... you are sleepy... when I click my fingers you will wake up and enter the marathon... well, when I have authorisation!

  • Its true - I am sleepy.



  • Your probably right Alan!
  • image Cool I might actually be able to play next year as well.

  • And why not image
  • Alan I ran the marathon on Sunday and would like to thank you and all your staff and volunteers for putting on a great event . Please get the drummers back for next year and can we have the same weather ? I will definitely be running this again next year .

    The only question I would ask is about the 10k and marathon starting at the same time . This didn't bother me but a few other people I've spoke to think it would be better if they started at different times .
  • Wouldn't that defeat the object?
  • If the ten k started earlier you'd need closed roads for longer and the fast marathonners would have to run through the field.

    If the ten k started after - then the fast ten k runners would have to run through the slower marathon runners.

    Surely it's better to set everyone off at the same time - lined up according to pace ?

    Nobody's reported any problems with how it was run. I expect it's just people moaning. Any excuse not to do a race maybe ?
  • I don't think the 10k runners made any differance to the marathon runners, i overtook some of the slower 10kers, and they where grateful of both the company and words of encouragement they were getting, the whole of sunday was just amazing, for anyone not from the north west , the weather over the days since the marathon has been really bad icluding very strong winds, so I will look back on sunday with very fond memories, roll on 2013, well done Alan and the team.

  • I didn't notice who was a 10k er or marathoner, it didnt seem to make a difference. It was slow at first in the park but this is normal with all races. A marathon is all about pacing anyway and you have to run your own race and if people overtake you - you dont suddenly follow them.
  • I don't believe it makes any difference anf if the event is allowed to go on next year then it will be the same.

  • I won't be doing next year's race but that is purely because i would like to try other events. I will be back one day though.

    Good luck with 2013 Alan.

  • Enjoy your running wherever you go! I hear Chester is a good event. Not as good as Liverpool I hasten to add. Andy and Chris are doing a great job just down the road.

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