Great South Run 2012

I unfortunately cannot take part in Great South Run. Would anyone like my place.


  • Hi Maria, is the place still available ?

  • Hi, yes it is. image

  • I have one too if Maria's is gone and there's anyone that wants it...
  • Hi Maria,Great I'll definitely take it. It's for a friend at my running club - Trevor

    Please mail at and we can sort out contact details.

    Many thanks Darren

  • Hi

    Does anyone still have a place for the run? i have been trying all the charity's but cant find a place - will to pay the entry fee.

    Contact Martin 07901882896

  • My Friend has a place, her name is Sue, will pass on your details.

  • Thank you really means a lot, will transfer the names if possible but will be running for my son who beat cancer this year.
  • Hi all I'm also looking for a GSR number. Be warned you cannot transfer names. I'm happy to run in anyone's name, just really want a number. If anyone can help please call or text me..


  • Hi sanfrompompey how are you? I'm also from pompey and just got someone else's place gutted to hear you can't change names as I now have to run as a women ! Guess i best go and buy a skirt. good luck with finding a place
  • Hi Martin good news I got a number woohoo. I'm doing the midnight run in Brighton the night before plus 5 mile prom run before the half marathon, then back to Pompey to do the Great south in fancy dressimage markets r good for short cheap skirts lol hehe have a good run
  • San you are mad that would kill me, i can now get a male ticket was i was hoping to sell my girl to you but oh well, So i can get a place if anyone is interested in one

  • Martin, can you still get a place ? I have a friend who really wants to accompnay me, but we need an orange wave start.. Any one else unfortunate enough to not be going ?
  • Karl essentially you can start where you want as training/ injury in the lead up could change how you will perform - the colours and waves are a guide...

    Food luck
  • Does anyone have a free plave for tomorrow's run? Am in Pompey and looking for a place (ideally for a boy!) please get in contact....will arrange payment and or donation to your charity thank you
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