can i have any tips on how to get under 20 min 5k

im 14 and i run 5 times a week my normal time is 22:20 and my avrage km is 4 mins and im not fat and i wont to get my time to under 20 mins


  • Are you at an athletics club jordan? If not join one and ask the coach there the same question. 

  • no but im thinking of starting one mike


  • Firstly, thats a great time for your age!

    You will find your time decrese as you mature and grow, expect to be hitting 18 mins by age 19!! 

  • thanks lewis and i can run 10k in 46 min if thats any help

  • Well i'm 20 and i'm hoping on joining an elite branch of the military, not a dedicated runner but im a complete all-rounder. 

    For 10K i'm onyl hitting 43 minutes so dont worry too much at the minute about your times. keep up the training and you will be a promising young athlete in years to come.


    Good to see some dedication from someone at such a young age.

  • lewis im thinkin of trying for long distance in the olmpics but i dont think im fast anouth for it 

  • For long distances quite alot is down to the genetics of the runner, see how they are all identical builds.


    There's nothing stopping you, get yourself onto a marathon training program, sure there is numerous on here, and just crack on with it!

  • true but ht do i look for to see if there good runners lewis


  • Just keep getting older. As you get stronger you'll get faster.

    Look for a local club to join too. They'll likely have decent coaches to help you.

    You're a long way from the Olympics but age is on your side.
  • You need to back off the distance - go and join an athletic club who will help you - start running 800/1500 metres which will help your speed and then gradually move up in distance

  • hanks for the advise gugys and y do i need to back of the distance

  • jordan taylor 3 wrote (see)

    hanks for the advise gugys and y do i need to back of the distance

    Starting at lower distances increases your basic speed, and then you can gradually increase your speed endurance. You should look at the 5k/10k distances from a sprinters but not a marathons perspective. Otherwise trying to keep up with the fastest runners at local 5/10k events will feel like a sprint.

  • It's very important to get someone qualified to advise you who is on the spot at your age. For example overtraining whilst your bones are still growing can cause you all sorts of problems. Also worth familiarising yourself with the sort of distances teenagers race over, spend some time looking at

    For example at cross-country the Senior Boys (several years older than you) only race 7km!! There are good reasons for this.


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