Nipple rubbing

has anyone got any tips on how to stop running vests causing nipple chafing, it is now starting to really hurt.


  • Plasters, micropore tape, Vaseline, surgical removal, running bare chested, a nicer top, compression top, HTFU.

    Have I missed any ?
  • From memory - it does get better.
  • Bodyglide. In a stick, easier to use than vaseline.



  • Get breast cancer. Have breasts removed then added back on, sans nipples. Don't put on rubber replacement nipples when running.

  • I used Vasleine as I happened to have some in the house (insert your preferred reason here). It does stain tops after a while though. Does bodyglide stain?

  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭
    Nothing wrong with a bit of nipple rubbing image

    Chafing though, ouch, as Ultra Cougie said. My pref is Elastoplast tape but have to shave round nips to get good adhesion (male!) - not a great look but what the hell!
  • Body Glide doesn't stain. Blood doesimage

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I know a guy who prefers to have bleeding nipples as he doesn't like the idea of pulling off plasters. With all due respect to StB's thread, the guy must be a p***k! 

  • See the thread on here called Gentlemen's breast chaffing. I raised this very question and ended up buying some strapall. It works a treat and I am now pain free. Get your missus/mister to help you take them off after a run 

  • Gaffer Tape!!!!


    I remeber these adverts and wanted a poster for my garage/gym wall of the elastoplast one!

  • Corn plasters. Small enough you shouldn't have to shave round the nip to get them to stick on. Two on each nip. Or so I've been told by a male running friend of mine who swears by them...

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