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High just looking for some information if thats ok.

My pipe dream is todo Edinburgh marathon (25/5/13) faster than 3.10 to qualify for London. Its probably beyond my reach but I'd be happy with 3.30. I previously done a marathon but under trained and finished in 4h17m.

I was wondering of you who have marathons pbs of 3-3.20 what are you respective half marathon PB's. I started running again 9.5 weeks ago and knocked out a 1h35m HM in training at the weekend but am hoping the 7 months training and weight loss can push me towards my goal.

I'm running Helsby (Essars 4 villages) HM in Jan which i'll use to decide a target.I know there's a calculator but it seems to predict wayyyyy to quick, I wanted to get real life examples please.

Thanks in advance


P.S Any marathon training tips as always will go down well)


  • I prefer 2 times the HM and add 20 mins.   So for you 3:30 at moment.

  • I think you need to be down around 1.25 to be in with a decent chance.

    I ran 3.09 at the weekend but not run a half for a while but I'd be under 1.30 anyway.

    Edinburgh is a fast marathon if the weather is kind to you.
  • Michael, this year after taking up the running thing, I ran 1:28HM (Reading) during training for a 3:02 hilly Marathon off fairly low mileage.

    This was followed up with a 1.22 Half (Maidenhead) while training for a 3:04 flat as a pancake marathon off much higher mileage training (illness and injury scuppered my sub 3 attempt).

    A sub 1:30 HM would give you a lot of confidence as part of your training. After my 1:28 I was still improving before the marathon race day. I would save this sort of HM effort for a race and not try to do it in training. Best bet would be to build up some steady mileage between now and starting training for Edinburgh. Schedule in the HM race around your training plan so you don't knacker yourself and start impacting on the training sessions (been there to my cost).

  • BadbarkBadbark ✭✭✭

    As recommended in Marathon Talk double your HM PB +10% is a good guide for a relative novice. Everyone is different of course but this is a much more achievable target compared to the online calculators. In the run up to my last marathon I ran a 1:26 HM and finished the full in 3:10 which is very close to this formula.

  • Thanks for all the advice guys!

    I agree that even 1.30 HM isn't going to give me a chance at 3.10 marathon. I'm running a half in Jan and probably need to see sub 1.27 to stand a chance. From that point I do have 4 months to consiladate my endurance.

    Also-run good advice about not puishing myslef to hard in training I can be guilty of that. Im going to take my garmin off and just try and push my mileage up starting next monday.

    Also if I dont make 3.10 its not the end of the world I'm not too hung up on that anyway. Jan 2011 I weighed 16'10 and now 13'2 and hoping to be around 12'7 so the main thing is I'm a healthly weight, look good and have increased my confidence. I would be disappointed with higher than 3.30 if I run injury free though!


  • Hi everyone

    I'm the same as you MY9 I really want to get sub 3.10 in paris marathon 2013. Been rejected from London so many times so desperate for this. I am not sure if its a little too much for me to achieve but I'm gonna give it a bloody good go.

    I ran Brighton marathon in 2011 and with little training got 3.55 which I was pleased with. I ran Brighton again in 2012 with a bit more training and got 3.31.

    Do you guys think its achievable with a proper training plan to knock off 22 mins. I do the Hastings half marathon which has some monster hills in 1.30. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  • Mike have you done the four villages before ?

    Its not a pb course as i can remember, it will be tough to get under 1'30 but good luck mate i'll see you there doing it myself  !!

    11 weeks on sunday so get that training in !

  • MG09... yes !

    First marathon at London in 3h52m, then Berlin in 3h22m, then Brighton 2010 in 3h7m. . . all following a 16 week plan + 2 week taper. 

    Michael Young - My half marathon pb is 1h28m and that was in build up to Brighton. General rule of thumb seems to be double half time and add 10m or 10% depending on who you speak to but there is clearly some leeway. Think its really individual based plus what the focus of training has been.

    I think the key to my times increasing was two longer runs, one weekend and mid week long run. W/e - 16 to 24m and midweek 12-15m.


  • Last spring I ran Helsby Half last year in 1:37, Liverpool Half in 1:35, my best training run was 1:50 and then Manchester marathon in 3:16 but Manchester was the fastest course out of the 3 but I think 3:10 is possible off a 1:35 HM training run given a few months extra training if you can improve on that at Helsby in January.

  • Hi all,

    I did my first marathon in Dublin 18months ago in 3.43, Did Paris in 3.29 in April and Amsterdam in Oct in 3.20
    My dream is 3.10

    I have entered Brighton in April and probably will do Chicago in Oct
    Should i go for 3.10 in Brighton? or Maybe go for 3.15 and leave the 3.10 attempt for Chicago.

    I train 4/5 times and week and got 4 x 20milers in before Amsterdam

    My HM pb is 1.34 8 weeks before Paris i know i need to knock 5 mins or more off this to stand any chance of 3.10.
    I really feel i did my best in Amsterdam and there is no more in me as im not you average runner, im 5ft 9'' and weight 82kgs so im all there (Muscly/stocky build), not sure how much more weight i can lose. Was doing one long weekend run, interval session on a tuesday, slow long run on a Wed (about 10miles) Hills on a thursday. Peaked at about 50miles a week
    Any tips to get me closer to that exclusive 3.10 ?


  • hi guys i am really in the same boat i have only run 1 HM in autumn 2011 it was a 1.38 ,after that i ran london last year in 3.29 then chester this autumn in 3.16 ,working  backwards on your 10 % formula i should be able to run a HM now at about 1.30,which seems acheivable.

    my ultimate aim is to run sub 3.10 at edinburgh this spring and then sub 3 at frankfurt next autumn but the issue is going from 3.29 -3.16 is going to be alot easier than 3.16 -sub 3 so i guess my question is 

    Any tips to get me closer to that exclusive 3.10?

  • My marathon pb is a half + 3.5%, and my most recent time (4 weeks ago) is a half + 3% and that was with only one 20 miler. Obviously a slow runner.

    Debutant, you're much faster than me so I won't comment on your running lol! But you're roughly the same height as me. Until 4 months ago I was 13.5st (85kg) and I didn't think I could lose much more either, I don't consider that weight and height as particularly stocky, heavy or muscly, if I let my body do what it want's it levels out a around 14.5-15st, that's my natural weight.

    So long story short, i'm now 11.5st (73kg) and looking for at most 70kg, so yes you can lose a lot more weight, and it will make you a lot faster, you've probably got sub 3 in you if you lose at least a stone.

  • Wishfully thing Lardarse, especially as i love my food but i hope to be close to 75kgs by April time, someone told me a rough guide is every 1kg you lose is 2mins off your Marathon time (Obivously a guide)
    Daniel you only have 6 mins to get to your target, what amount of mileage were you doing?

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