Cross Training

Hello All,

My question is that i run on the following days, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sat. I'm looking to cross train on Wednesday & Friday. I was thinking of spinning what are your views on this & my cross training is to help me get fitter and help with pb's. Is this the right cross training to help with that or not?


  • I do three classes a week and I think it helps my cardio system. Extra runs would probably be better but I like the spinning.
  • So you do three classes of spinning on top off your running? jee that good, do you find it helps with your running, I have problems running at a fast sustained pace? Humm Thank you for the reply image


  • I do run intervals and speed work too - so that helps.

    My spin classes are a lot of intervals so it strains my cardio system without knackering my legs too much.

    So after a marathon for example - i can spin when I'd never be able to run.
  • Cheers that's great thank you image

    Just love runners world folk for helping out image


  • Spinning is fantastic, I've been going at least twice a week for about 2 years now.  I feel that I work at a higher intensity than I could if I was running for the same period of time.  It works slightly different muscles to running and is low impact.  It's nice to have an alternative to running which is not affected by the weather and introducing variety into your training is always a good idea both physically and mentally.  Beware though that Spinning is just as addictive as running image

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