Men's Health Survival of the Fittest 10K - London

hey fellow runners, anyone mad enough for this bad boy??

we've entered a 10 man team in the 2:00 wave in london, unfortunately due to "wimping out" we are two runners short.  final team members need to be confirmed in two weeks...

so we're looking for a pair of nutters to join us (you don't have to stay with the team during race).  entry is £45 each.

anyone up for it??  click on my pic and message me.



  • Hi Mike I love to do it mate I done the Cardiff one a couple of years ago and me and a pal are up for this London one please let me know pal cheers
  • Cheers ben, but spaces finally got filled friday morning, few hours before deadline....
  • Ben - I also have two spaces that I'm not planning to use. Would you be interested? They're for the 11am wave. I think it's too late to change the details now, so you'd have to run under my name and my friend's name. They're good names though and you could make an alterego for the day image 

    We got them early, so they were £45 each. I'll get an email if you respond to the thread, so do let me know if you're interested.

  • Hi all, I also have 2 spaces due to 2 team members dropping out!  (sorry to jump on your thread, I did post this myself too but cannot find my post).  Our wave is 11.15am and we got ours for £45 each too.  Please pm me or respond to this thread and I'll get back to you.

  • Hey, man. I may be interested in your tickets (depending if a friend is up for it too). Have you done the event before and, if so, what's it like? I haven't really run that much this year, but did HellRunner at the weekend, so might be ok for it....


  • Hi Lucozoid. My entries are still available, if your friend is up for it. We haven't entered as part of a team though, so perhaps 'nomoremarathons' is the person for you. However, if you did want to buy them, my email is They're for the 11am wave and cost £45 each.


  • Hi, Victoria. Am not too bothered about doing it in a team, so that's fine. Will check if my friend is keen and let you know via your email. Thanks for the response!

  • I still definitely have one place, maybe 2 available. I ran it last year, you get a few challenges chucked at you but mainly it's a lot of fun. Be prepared to get pretty wet and muddy but the good thing is it all gets hosed off towards the end (or it did last year anyway).  We booked that wave so we can go and grab some food and beers straight after in the beer tent while watching everyone else still go through the pain!  Anyone who's interested please pm me.

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