Twisted ankle, two weeks until New York marathon, Help!

I'm a 43 year old male and I run between 35-45 miles per week, training for new york has gone really well to date and I've missed no sessions (including a 20 miles last sunday).  Last night while out I managed to twist my ankle, it's sore today but I'm sure it will recover in time for New York marathon in 18 days.  My question is if I miss these last two weeks, will it have much effect on my overall fitness?


  • No as you are presumably just beginning the taper. I guess the odd swim just to keep loose if you swim might help relax you but that's about it.

    As long as you don't just sit and eat for the two weeks you should be fine if your leg is Upto it.

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    I'm in exactly the same boat. 13 days before my first marathon I've twisted my ankle by falling of a kerb during an easy taper run and tore a couple of ligaments. I've been to a physio a couple of times and have been going through the usual RICE actions and it's getting much better.


    Anyway, everybody tells me not to worry about loosing fitness, at this stage the training is done. Just to be careful not to put any weight on so cut back on the food a little if you're not training.

    I'm doing the 'contrast bathing' thing at the moment (alternative hot and cold baths for the ankle) every couple of hours and I'm seeing big improvements each day. I'm hoping to be able to at least do a couple of gentle runs before my marathon.

    Good luck. I'm sure it won't make a huge difference.

  • Thanks for the postive message, thankfully my ankle is alot better and I'm sure I'll be on the start line in new york.  Will be carefull about my food intake from now on, going to go swimming for an hour daily which should maintain my CV fitness.

    Let us know now you get along in your marathon

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