Calf pains after running

Hi everybody,

I recently started running with an athletics team i joined about a month ago and I have been receiving these really bad pains in both of my calves. I do stretch out before running and I also warm up prior to running. I just wanted to know if it is normal because I just started running quite longer distances (we train by runinng 1600m+ about 3 times or more with 2-3 minutes rest in between and I am new to this) and was thinking that it might be due to my legs not being able to cope with the sudden large load of pressure? Does the pains mean that my legs are adapting or is it like a syndrome or something else bad? Also what are good techniques or methods to treat these pains and also how to avoid them reoccuring in the future? What should I do directly after finishing training? (i.e. hot bath/shower, massage more) And also does using compression sleeves for calves work and sprays such as Deep Heat and Deep Freeaze gel work and if so when should I use them? I already am trying a deep tissue technique from a video I saw...

Sorry for all the questions, it is quite long...

Many thanks in return


  • Exactly where in your calves?

  • The inner calves mainly but also all around
  • Sounds more like your calves are 'adapting' than an injury, as long as it is not a sharp pain and there is no evidence of swelling. I know that some mad and/or committed runners have cold baths/showers after training; cold is considered better than heat to repair the effect of injury/training. But it is not for me; a nice hot bath or shower works well for me. I do not use hot or cold sprays so don't know. Compression sleeves work well for me; try different things and see what works for you! Massaging is a big subject; there is loads of stuff on the internet and elsewhere.

  • @sideburn you could well be right.

    op needs to stengthen his calf. of course dynamic pre-exercise stretching is good. as is massage as is sufficient protein in your diet. maybe consider compression socks (compressport ones i prefer)



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