2012 Cardiff Half Marathon

I think the organisers got it spot on with the coarse route this year. There were many runners  ( possibly 18000 ) and i found that in my starting pen (1hr20 - 1hr30)  you could pretty much run as fast as your body allowed. Indeed I was pleased to set a new pb of 1hr25.49 beating my time there last year by a minute. I just hope for next year common sense prevails and for once they stick with the same route.


  • It was my first HM and I enjoyed every second of it, apart from the last half mile where I felt really rough and can't remember crossing the finish line. I can't compare it to anything else but I thought it went really smoothly. I was a bit dissapointed with my time, 2hrs26mins, I was aiming for 2hrs 15. I think I was panicking so much that I wouldn't finish even though I had done plenty of training that I started off way too slow even for my standards. Still, I finished it and had a great day to boot. Here's to the next one.

  • The figure of 18000 was how many people had entered, actual runners was 13676.

  • That's an amazing amount of now shows, it that normal ? Or has South Wales got a higher than average amount of procrastinators?

    They can't all have been injured? That's roughly 1 in 5 entrants

    It must be fascinating being involved in the organisation of these things.
  • normal for big racesimage

  • fantastic event, course much better than last year (I've only ran it twice)

    got of to a very slow start due to starting too far back in 2.00+ pen but felt really good for whole race.  I usually struggle with last 2/3 miles having set off at PB pace

    the support around the course was really appreciated and logistics (baggage drop, toilets, etc) were better than most

    same course next year and the journey down from North Wales will be worth it again

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