Anybody use Vivobarefoot shoes? I've been recommended to wear them to help with my gait


  • Yes. I now do all my running (up to 50 mile races, so far) in VB Neos and Neo Trails. I like them. Start with SHORT distances and read up on changing gait - fast cadence (180+ strides per minute i.e. 90 per leg), short strides, landing with your foot under your body, knee slightly bent/soft not rigid & straight. Neos are good for wide forefoot. Evos may be better for a slightly narrower foot. Good luck!

  • Hi Debra. Are you still having that calf cramp trouble?
  • Hi Sussex: No, the cramping stopped, thankfully, a couple of days after I was asking about it, after some really good massage sessions from my husband. No idea why it started, very glad it stopped! In fact, I'm not even needing to massage my calves every evening & morning - probably related to better stretching associated with my 15-minute morning Pilates routine (I can nearly do a full squat with feet flat on the floor, now).

  • Amen to what Debra says - just ran the Kielder Marathon in Breatho Trails the other day - lovely, but work up the distance so your calves get used to it.

    Used to get constant knee pain in 'normal' shoes, not a touch of it since I switched.

  • I do most of my running in Evo's, love them but migrate gently.
  • I wear Vivobarefoot shoes all the time (to work, etc) but run in Inov-8's. 

    Had a pair of Evo's and the mesh caused start to cut into my toes after a while. Sure the others in the range would be fine. 

    Found a much faster transition to barefoot was much fast if you wear them all the time  as your feet get stonger the more you wear them. 

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