Lucozade gels???

Hi all, I have always stuck with lucozade products and their gels in particular. It would appear that the gels have disappeared fom their shop! My question is....where have they gone?...are they just out of stock?....does anyone recommend a good substitute?....what is the capital of Peru?? I have emailed mr lucozade shop, but no answer yet. Running out of gels! Help!!!!


  • I did see them on there..??1.50 per gel, bit expensive!

    They were on sale at lucozade, about ??12 a box, maybe that's why they sold out!

    Any other good gels/ ideas/thoughts/musings???
  • Personal choice, cheers.

    Normally I find v helpful replies on rw forums, this first time I have had ignorant reply back. No need to comment if its just that you think you being clever.

    Thanks to toffee runner, appreciate Asia heads up ( though bit expensive!).

    Kittikat, you need to find something better to do.
  • we use the hifive energy gels as they are isotonic so you don't ned to have them with water.......

    there are couple of places on the internet that you can buy all gels cheap......but I have forgotton to save them so next time i will have to start googling againimage

  • Hi5 are ok. SiS tropical is palatable. Shots coffee will do.

    I quite often find deals for bulk buys on Amazon.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Capital of Peru is Lima.

    No idea about bulk buying gels cheaply.  For LSRs I just buy a bag of jelly sweets and take a few of those with me.

  • You can get them for £0.80p in Asda, I use the one in Lima, Peru

  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭

    No gels on Lucozade website so maybe they have stopped them. That's a pain as I am near the end of my last bulk buy. Have to find a palatable alternative now. Enough left at least for Sundays marathon.

  • Luzozade are probably just reshuffling their website to make space for their new "elite dual carb system" gels which are suppose to be on sale next month. Dunno if that's a direct replacement or an addition to their old gels. They sound a bit like the Hi5 gels so you could try those in the mean time if you plan on sticking with luzozade in the long term. 

  • last time I was in Lima I bought a great ceviche.  didn't see any gels though.  wonder if anyone does ceviche flavoured gels??

  • I miss the High5 chocolate flavoured gels. They were nice.

    Kittenkat may have a point. 

    Unless you're running over 15 miles or so - you don't need gels/extra energy. Your body has enough reserves to get you through that kind of distance. 

    The exceptions are if you're practicing your feeding strategy for a marathon or you're starting to do long distances. 

    Its like the guys you see at the gym doing 5 mins on the treadie and swigging back lucozade sport. They dont need that either. 

  • Gu make a chocolate gel, which is quite yummy.

  • Ultra cougie wrote (see)
    Unless you're running over 15 miles or so - you don't need gels/extra energy. Your body has enough reserves to get you through that kind of distance. 

    The exceptions are if you're practicing your feeding strategy for a marathon or you're starting to do long distances. 

    Perhaps I fall in to the category of "starting to do long distances" having only trained for and run 2 half marathons, but my experience tells me that I need gels or I struggle beyond 10 miles.

    I use the High5 gels, and have generally run faster when using the ones with caffeine in them too.

  • It's probably just a case that you need to get used to running the longer distances. Everyone struggles to begin with just with the increase in milage. 

    Get a few of them under your belt and it gets easier. 

    Gels take 20 mins or so to kick in anyway - so if you're feeling the benefit of them its probably just psychological. 

    Gu chocolate gel eh ? Ooh that could be worth investigating. Ta !

  • I've just started upping my long distances and am noticing that I am getting hungry towards the end of them. My LSR is Saturday morning and I dont eat anything before I go out. Previously, if I ran 10 - 12 miles I would be fine until I got home and had some breakfast/lunch. Now, I am going to have to start fuelling along the way as I am getting to 12 - 13 miles and the hunger starts. Jelly babies sound like the way forward for me so I get that extra pleasure of biting of their heads !

  • Carterusm, you won't lose weight doing that. You want to be using callories on your run not ingesting extra. If you're hungry, just ignore it. I reached a milestone today, 11 weeks at 2000 kcals a day, i've lost 19lbs to officially to reach normal weight, 25.4 BMI. Only another stone to go and i'll be average!

  • caterusm - it's probably not hunger per se, but dehydration that you're noticing.   it can often produce the same sort of feelings of hunger - and when I notice it I know it's time for a drink.

  • I read on here about Jelly Babies, tried them in one 18, and one 20m run, and used a pack and a quarter on my Marathon I litereally eat one each time my watch beeped for a km. 

    Worked for me.  Picked up three high5's on the course, so if I want to try them i've got some now image 

  • Cheers all!

    Thanks for all replies, great help.

    I tend to have a one gel per 10k race and then one every 45 mins for runs 10m +.

    The Hi 5 seem to get the thumbs up so may give them a bash. Always got on well with lucozade so hopefully just updating website.

    Will try for directions to the asda in Lima!....but poss little bit far away!

    And must try not to get bogged down trying to remember capital cities....everyone knows the capital of Chile is........
  • Tylertonka,

    I have at least 10 Lucozade gels sitting here at home I will happily send you if you cover the cost of postage.  I have used Lucozade gels for my past 3 marathons this year but have got a tad fed up with the effect they have of my stomach.  I am currently training for the Thames Trot 50 and have decided to go down the route of 'real food' as I find I am actually bloody hungry when running, despite the number of gels I take.  I went out today and ran a comfortable 18 miles having eaten a banana beforehand and whilst munching on 4 sausage rolls and an Elevenses bar.  I must say I felt alot better for it and didn't need any more energy than they gave me.  A cup of tea and bowl of soup sorted me out once I got home.

    As I said, you're more than welcome to the gels as I think I've seen the last of them.

  • Ultra cougie wrote (see)
    Gels take 20 mins or so to kick in anyway - so if you're feeling the benefit of them its probably just psychological.

    That's why I take them in plenty of time - around 8 miles on training runs, and just before half way in the halfsimage I've also used the gels to give me a boost when running before breakfast. It's probably a case of getting used to it again, because I don't often run before breakfast, but I've found I struggle with any sort of distance without them.

  • Try Boots as I got a load for 50p in there!Probably as they are being discontinued?They still had long expiry dates so wasnt sure why they were so cheap!

    When selecting gels i buy one of each type and flavour to see what I like and works best! 

  • Hi all..finally got a reply from lucozade...............

    'Thank you for your enquiry regarding our Lucozade Body Fuel Energy Gels.

    Unfortunately this product in question has been discontinued and it is being replaced by a new Lucozade Sport gel, which is coming out in the near future. You should be able to purchase this on the Lucozade website.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused due to this.'

    So that answers that one! just wish I'd stocked up now!

    I have tried a High5 which went down v easy so may use these between times but I like to stick with what works for me so will keep an eye on lucozade website!

    Cheers again all, especially the v kind offer from Liz (may dm you and take you up on that!).

  • No probem Tonka, they're still sat in my cupboard and will prob not be used by me now.  (I'm off for an 18 miler this morning with my sausage rolls and Ritz biscuits!!)

  • Hi All,Our Lucozade Sport Carbo Gels are currently available in Asda stores, these will also be back in stock on our online shop in January.ThanksLucozade Sport Running

  • Hi Tonka.  I always used to use Lucozade gels on my long runs too.  I tried Hi5's (as they were being given out on a Half that I did) and ZipVit gels, but both gave me a bad tummy towards the end of races image

    When my local Boot's stopped stocking Lucozade gels a couple of months ago they replaced them with Nectar gels (which are made by the For Goodness Shakes people) and were great, more fluidy than most so go down without water, taste great and the only slight downside is they are something like 35g of carbs where as some I'd tried were 45-60g?  Maybe that's why they didn't mess my tummy up?!?  Boot's also did the SIS ones which were 60g of carbs ish, and can come with caffine, but I thought they tastes awful and again, killed my guts!

    Good thing about Boots is they quite often have them on 3for2 image

    Hope that helps?

  • Ive always found lucozade to be the best and its not a

    Psychological effect as the others don't give me that relief from heavy leg syndrome. I only use them in marathons though I'm disappointed they are discontinued I've just tried to get some myself for manchester marathon and still not on web site
  • I got some from ?dolphin fitness? via Amazon.
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