Lucozade gels???



  • sorry to drag up an old thread but just wondering if anyone knows if they sell the new dual energy Lucozade gels in any supermarkets / shops rather than ordering off internet. I believe this is whats handed out in VLM so wanted to try them out beforehand.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Same problem here. I haven't been able to find any either. For VLM last year I just carried some SIS ones that I know work. I will probably do the same this year.
  • bit off topic, but I did a half marathon yesterday were they had 'tasteless' electrolyte drinks? Is this just some kind of tablet / powder mixed with water or something you can actually buy in bottles? Pretty much all the usual flavoured sports drinks make me feel sick after a while so if this is just as beneficial then sounds like a good option 

  • Myprotein does unflavoured electrolyte powder - never tried it myself though

  • I've since found out it was something called elete. Website seems to suggest ultra runners use it. Don't think I'll bother with it, as surely with it being zero calories, you'd still need to take gels / drink lucozade or alternative anyway.

  • I've started using the unflavoured TriCarb powder mixer from myprotein on my longer runs and during HMs and I've found it to be really helpful.  I always seem to need some sort of kick about 2/3 of the way round and when I'm hot and sweaty I can't stand the thought of anything sweet and if I try to force it down it just makes me gag so I've found it to be a useful substitute.  I'm still waiting for someone to do a cheese or Twiglets flavoured sports drink.

  • +1 for High5 , use them for marathons and associated training , dont use any for shorter distances , easy to get down , citrus burst and raspberry(caffeine). Though i'm a sucker for a small bag of jellytots at about mile 18 image

  • Hey .. Also trying to find Lucozade eleite gels.. in Orange.. been let down last minute by Amazon... These always work for me, tried others but made me sick... 

    I didn't want to buy  a whole box tho ... and in east sussex... any ideas id Asda still stock them ?? 

     p.s  i only need 3/4 for Brighton next week  (12th) if anyone has a few i can purchase .. ? 

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