Decent running routes in Sale?


I've just been seconded to another department at work and I'm going to be working Monday - Friday in Sale for the next few months, and need to get some running done while I'm away.  I don't know Sale at all (never even visited the Manchester area and live 150 miles away), so I'm looking for some advice on good routes to run before and after work (i.e. in the dark, with winter coming).  I've taken a look on map my run etc. but it's hard to tell what's going to be suitable and what isn't.


So, has anyone got any advice for routes suitable for an early morning or early evening run?  A variety of routes from say 4 to 15 miles would be ideal, but any advice at all is welcome.  Not sure exactly where I'll be staying yet, but it'll be a hotel so I assume somewhere central-ish.


Thanks in advance!


  • I used to live just outside Sale but I'm going back a few years now...

    Not sure if you'll have a car or not but Sale Water Park is always popular - large lake just outside Sale which is good for running around (although I would probably avoid it in the evenings as it will be dark - early mornings might not be too bad). Or there is a canal which runs through Brooklands and Sale - no idea how safe or well-lit is but I'm sure you could ask around.

    Otherwise, I'm not sure - Sale is a town in the middle of one of the main roads leading from Altrincham into Manchester so it's probably going to be road running through housing estates. Will have a think and see if I can think of any local parks etc


  • Sale is on the Canal, find it, you cannot fail, and run the canal paths, nice views and easy going, also you have Dunham Massey and Tatton park not far away, these are great runs, but road running is bleak.

  • Thanks for the advice so far, much appreciated.  Probably a daft question, but I assume there's a continuous canal path heading south for a good distance?  From Google maps it looks that way, so if all else fails I could get some decent distance in with an out-and-back down the canal?  If it's unlit I guess I can always break the headtorch out...

    I'm thinking of joining a club while I'm down there as well which should give me some options, but any more advice on here is good too - more choice the better!

    Thanks again.

  • The canals go on for a long run, in any direction, I generally park up at a decent spot and run home, then get the bike out to go back for the car, makes for a good cross train run.

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