Open Water Swimming

It's safer and more fun to swim open water as a group.

Advertise your venue, time and other arrangements, ans lets see what pops out of the woodwork.



  • are you sure you want to do winter open swimming.i did it last winter and needed neoprene booties, gloves and hats.and it was still bloody freezing ...........

    you might want to rethink this thread in spring.......

    but if you want to go 'm always willing image


  • image Caz on anouther thread has just put up some interesting links you might like afraid far to south for me and I don't have a passport handy.

  • I will be renewing my membership to Lake 32 at Cotswold Water Park and happy to invite guests at ??5 a time

    Lake 32 is open 365 days a year up until 10am and from 5pm to night fall on a Tuesday. They also add a Thursday in Tri season.

    Not keen to travel to other venues as swim training is not on my agenda for 2013
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Is the sea temperature still holding up at the moment?

  • I would imagine if I got in the sea at this time of the year thats the only thing that would be holding up !!

  • joddly wrote (see)

    Is the sea temperature still holding up at the moment?

    it's 14.1C in the Channel off GWR today - that's swimmable but the issue isn't the sea temp but how cool it is when you get out.  if you can't get warm quickly after then hypothermia becomes a danger

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Thanks for a sensible answer, FB image!

    These people who manage to swim all year round must have a totally different physiology to the rest of us!

  • or be slightly mad ? !

  • Like the people I see in the lake in just swimsuits/shorts.

  • I did swim open water a couple of days ago in just my jammers. However it was in the south of Italy. All was going well until I hit a few jellyfish. Boy, did I whelp. Even now I have a 4 inch wide strawberry tattoo of an unmistakeable jelly fish on my bicep. It completely put me off, and I swam back to shore, looking out for more of them (and there were more) despite my lack of goggles.

    No issue with hypothermia, it was around 20-26 degrees.

  • I'm still swimming every weekend.  Next weekend I am swimming down Portsmouth and Bournemouth way if anyone wants to join me.

    The following weekend I am in the Ouse near St. Neots.

    joddly wrote (see)

    Thanks for a sensible answer, FB image!

    These people who manage to swim all year round must have a totally different physiology to the rest of us!

    Not at all Joddly.  You just need to go in at least once a week and be determined.  Anyone who can do an endurance event can swim through winter as they have already proven that they have the determination.

    However, I certainly wouldn't be recommending it to anyone who is thinking of taking up open water swimming right now.  It will be a shock to the system if you aren't used to it.

    And you do need to know your limitations, have plenty of ways of warming up afterwards, and know the signs of hypothermia - not just for yourself, but so that you can keep an eye on the others around you too.

  • S Caz

    What's the situation with jellyfish off UK shores? I've seen them occasionally washed up, but that's clearly just an indicator. Hypothermia I can be aware of, but debilitating stings add as much fear as getting crippling cramps in deep water.

  • Hi guys, I've been a bit busy so haven't checked in for a while.

    In theory there can be jelly fish off the shores of the UK, but I've never seen one or been stung myself.

    I've been told that they are no worse than nettle rash, so only really a problem if you swim through a whole swarm of them.  In the UK you are unlikely to meet any swarms as the ones that wash up here tend to be lost so are on their own.

    I'm still swimming outside most weekends.  Water temperature is about 8 deg in the rivers and 10 deg in the sea.  Anybody else still swimming?


  • Havent been open water swimming recently, but when my heating packed up last week I have had some cold water training in the form of cold showers in the morning. I think the cold water swimming I did last Sept/Oct has helped me get used to the showers.



  • I have trouble swimming in the Sea in the summer, let alone winter. image I don't think I could swim in 14 degrees let alone get out and warm up. image 10 degrees and I'd be inviting death.

    I use hats; gloves; socks in the summer let alone once it gets a little cold - sorry SC, less warm. image.

    Would be interested to see when people 'start' back sea swimming.

  • It was March for me this year but Caz has moved so might be a bit later next year unless she happens to be in south one weekend when it's cold but sunny or there are some other lovely mad people hitting the sea then :

  • There's a Christmas Day swim at (unheated) Sandford Lido in Cheltenham.
    The photos show lots of brave souls in standard swim wear about to just dive in and then dive out again.

    Surely someone should go for a few lengths in a wettie?

  • OK, May is here. Time to make some proper arrangements.

  • I'd be interested in any watery goings on in the North West.

  • Pudge , we swim at Salford Quays when it opens, also gonna try Pennington Flash which is nearer you.

  • Razor51 wrote (see)

    Pudge , we swim at Salford Quays when it opens, also gonna try Pennington Flash which is nearer you.

    I'd heard that OW swimming at Pennington ought to have started for this year, but was delayed due to the weather?

    I practically look out over Preston docks whilst I'm at work, and wonder whether I could get a lunchtime swim in, when the weather warms up a bit!

  • I just registered this week with USWIM, who do the one at salford quays and Boundary park near me. Hoping to get my wettie next week and get to Boundary next Thursday evening for my first one

  • I'm willing to swim with anyone in the Nene.  There is a group of us that have been going in all winter and now that the water is warming up there is someone swimming most days.

    Would suit anyone in the Cambridge, Peterborough, Bedford sort of area.

  • In the BlueIn the Blue ✭✭✭

    I'm back in the lakes from this weekend. 


    I have to do the Quays in Mytchett this weekend  to support a newbie to open water but after that I'm up for Thorpe, they have bacon butties image

  • picking up my new wetsuit on saturday, so will be braving the Tri20 lake nr reading on a regular basis if it's not too cold!

  • i have swam in the sea at barry and the chepstow dive centre last week.nothing this week but hopefully get in the taff next week....image

  • When you thinking of going too the lake fraggle?

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