Open Water Swimming



  • How come? Notts city have changed all their holidays to shorten summer, luckily I am in the shire so have 6 weeks. Do you have extra in October? 

  • ah dreaded academy!!!!

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    my school is an academy too, but we have the same holidays as the rest of Notts. I break up tomorrowimage

  • Must be awful only having four weeks off in one go image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Chris - don't think I am going to make it to Colwick today. We are heading off on holiday on Friday so I'll see you there when we are back - we come back Aug 11th 

  • Ok hun have a super holiday!image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    will do, planning some hill runs as we are staying in a mountainous area!image

  • Ohh sounds fun where you off too? We are heading to dorset next week. Hoping the weather stays nice as we've not holidayed in uk for some time. Hoping to sea swim and find some nice run trails.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Northern Spain - should get some sea swims in too, but I have to keep an eye on the kids when we are on the beach as OH can't swim

  • Lovely!! I imagine it to be quite tricky to get a decent swim in if you're looking after kids too. Mine are decent swimmers & OH is too, but in sea they usually stay close to the shore, so I usually get to swim out quite far in sea.

  • Off to Bossie see all there who are going!

  • No Bossie for me tonight, Dad duties, be next week at I have the Thunderrun this weekend.

  • image Is that this weekend? This year's passed quick. Good look mate if it's sunny might pop past and heckle on the bike.

  • I missed the moonlight swim.image

  • I'll probably be doing a moonlight swim soon.  Youa re welcome to join me Soupy image

  • erm - thanks Caz but I'll pass on that cos yours will last longer than half an hour and won't have a bbq for afterwards. Nothing personal. image

  • Hey, e Is anyone near hillingdonthat wouldn't mind me tagging along to sessions? 

  • Does anyone swim regularly in the River Dee in North Wales?

    I fancy doing wrexham to chester or vice versa depending on which way the current flows

  • Budjude you might find contacting Chester tri useful for that. I think Dave the ex spartan is a member if he's about or you know him.

  • probably should have looked there to beign with.

    seems there is a 4k route which folks do on a regular ish basis. just fancy something different to the standard 2k in the same lake every week.

  • Wrexham out to Chester is the typical way the river flows. I know you can kayak from Farndon to Chester - thats probably about 14km. Just don't go over the weir in Chester. And plenty of rowers / pleasure boats around so you'd need a safety boat with you to stop you getting smacked on the head.
  • And I think some of Wrexham tri swim in the Dee as well... Me I tend to stick to Manley Mere on a Tuesday night 

  • I missed you in the water last week - we must have been 100s of meters apart for the whole session Dave ! Might see you later.

    Yeah I think theres a swim from Ecclestone on a Sunday night ? I prefer Manley too.
  • Can't make it tonight... 

  • I missed the lake tonight, that w word got in the way so now wondering how I get through the winter with no open water even in those lakes that SC hates it's so much better than a pool.


    Caz, having done all my non wetsuit swims in the sea last year and the lake this year I can see what you mean about lakes!

  • I'm probably heading off to Dover tomorrow for a bit of a swimble in some salt water.  Not sure when I will be getting wet yet but my support crew will be posting on FB.  Feel free to share that information on here if anybody is interested.

  • You are too modest Caz - loads of people here are interested. 

    And don't forget your passport. image

  • What soupy said, some of us will be glued to the boat tracker image

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