Open Water Swimming



  • Anyone going to sheperton or taplow this evening?

  • Soupy, yes!  I was there this morning and will be back this evening!  It was beautiful this morning!   Water like a mill pond, 'smoke on the water, fire in the sky'!  image

  • imageOo goody. See you at shepperton later then. I'll be there about 5:30 for faffing time. 

  • Take your brolly, it could rain.

  • Hahaha - thanks Blisters, it did!  I was just about to attempt another 750m lap when I realised it was raining and my stuff and towel was by the lake side getting wet. So I called it a day having done my planned minimum of 1500m.  Loved it too. image

    Siggy - I didn't spot you but I assume you were there for the race. I left before it started. 

  • Soupy, you need to get a dry bag to put your towel and clothes in.  Then it doesn't matter how hard it rains

  • Caz - thats a good idea. Thanks. image

  • Or the cheaper option is a bin bag to cover your bag

  • I always took one of the bags for life from the supermarkets to put my stuff in when it looked like rain.  Don't mind getting wet in the lake but not when I get out!

  • Anyone going bozzy tonight, I'm trying to slip away from work any minute image

  • I'm going to be jumping in the sea at Worthing, in front of the Yacht Club at precisely 6.30. I will be nearly naked and you'll recognise me from a carnation. Not sure where to put it.

  • Was at penn flash tonight wearing my pirate cap and someone asked me if I was in the outlaw gang! I told him about the pirates and the strong links to outlaw. He is doing the half in 2014.

  • just wondering if any one on here as been to slippery stones near sheffield? and if they have whats the venue like? 

  • Last full moon swim of the year at Taplow on Wednesday 21st. 9pm with food and hot chocolate after. I'm going to try and get there. 

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