Open Water Swimming



  • lmao - I think I'll manage that image

    If there are loads of people there and we can't spot each other, look for the guy that looks like a satsuma (ie orange, not round) and that will be me. You shouldn't be able to miss my orange glow! lol image

  • GG if you can't find pixie look for a big smile with a small lass attached to it. She's easy to spot. image

  • I have a speedo wetsuit and will try and find my hat from bosworth tri at weekend... thinks its orange. Will look out for you EP. I am aiming to be there about 6.30. 

  • I'm planning on Taplow tomorrow. Temp there is 19.5 image

  • I've been held up at work and wont be there tonight image, but will make it Sat morn for sure and hopefully see some of you there.

  • Great to meet you this evening pixie and badger. Swimming together was more difficult than I anticipated. I think I'd lost both of you after the first minute. Lol

    I ended up doing 2 laps. 1st one I was just finding my feet but I felt great on the 2nd. I was even getting hang of sighting. I'll aim to do 3 on Saturday image - its so much nicer than pool swimming 

    l did wait around for 15 mins or so after I had finished but couldn't see either of you anywhere. I assume you both did quite a few laps?

    Oh and I got a lot of very strange looks when I was asking if anybody knew someone called evil pixie or tired badger.

    hopefully see you both there again soon image

  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    GG is Not orange and is a torpedio!

    Tird Badger is amazing

    Ellie is lovely

    and today I love OW swimming!

    haha I'd hardly say a torpedo, more like a drowning cat! image

    my orangeness is obviously debatable but my work collegues have been ripping me today for it - a spray tan seemed like a good idea at the time! Lmao

  • Soupy I'll be there 6-7 ish.

    I swim in a red hat I kept from the london tri. Will be good to get a name to a face!

  • See you there medicgirl

  • As are you EP image was nice to meet you. I too hung around a bit but didn't see you afterwards. I did 2 laps before I was starving and it was lovely tonight! (Except the weeds which have grown loads in the last week!) Wish there was somewhere to swim anytime I wanted... 

    Does anyone else get really hungry from swimming? Even if I dont actually swim much I am always hungry. Running has the opposite effect.

  • Any exercise makes me feel hungry, but after today's OW swim I ate a pizza and then a Yorkie !! (P.S. - don't tell my mentor ... image image )

  • I'm hungry all the time. My OH thinks I have worms....

  • 5 laps last night in 1:14, really pleased with that i think it equates to about 4k.

    Was really nice to meet EP who is lovely an smiley (you'll be fine in four weeks) and GG whom will definatly storm the shorter distance. Sons birthday Sat so i'll be having a rest day but meet again Thurs.


  • My neck is surprisingly fine. No rash or soreness at all which was a bonus. Hopefully this will continue

    EP, please tell me you didn't pee whilst I was anywhere near you..?? image lmao

    I will definitely be back next Thursday (and this Saturday). Just a shame we aren't allowed to swim more often

  • MedicGirl - I'm unlikey to make it tonight, going down wid a cold and snufflin like a mad. image

  • Ahh image I shall face this years weeds on my own! Enjoy an evening off and I'll hopefully catch you next week!

  • Fantastic swim in a new section of the river last night with a lovely bunch of rubber clad men who were scared of nettles

  • I had to pee loads on Thurs but I did intentionally drink lots after school as my water bottle was still half full at the end of the day. I had to stop 4 times as I cant wee and swim!! The warm patches were me and EP then!

    Medic girl... I once managed to convince myself I had worms as I eat so much. I didnt sleep well for about a week as I was convinced they would crawl out in the nigt... urgh!

  • MG If you see Tracey (swim coach) tell her hi from me. Enjoy. Not many weeds last week

  • Tomorrow 8 June, I will be going for a pleasant swim.

    I really fancy the Avon: clean water, warmer than deep lakes, dead slow flow, pretty as a picture. Start from The Fleet Inn, Twyning. GL20 6FL. Easy entry and exit to the water. On road parking.

    You will know the stretch of river if you have ever driven north up the M5.

    One more thing. IT'S FREE.

    I will only be going if I can get one or more interested partners.
    Call me 07785 906057 or 01452 611676.

  • Soupy - just saw your message so sadly didn't say hello. However had a brilliant time! Weeds are all gone (honestly you can't imagine how bad it was before) and it was so warm image 

    Very quiet - I guess there's loads of competition in the local area. I shall be making it a regular Friday night! Hopefully see you next week? 

  • Anyone?

    Am I Billy No Mates?

  • Seemingly so. No mates, so no river swim. Did 3 laps of Cotswold Lake 32. I have realised that I may have to lock up my bike in transition. Not only am I going to be last out of the water, I'm going to be so late they might think the bike's been abandoned. I guess I'll be able to find it.

  • That would make it easier Blisters, I spent a good few minutes wandering round T1 in my last sprint trying to find my white bike in sea of white bikes. You'll catch up on the bike and run.

    I did my first OW at Bosworth this morning, had a shaky start, a nice chap called Steve guided me round the first island, he must have thought I'd never swam before as I was stopping every few strokes but I soon found my usual slow pace and really enjoyed it, I did 1 lap of the first island and 1 lap of the 2 islands before it was time to get out, I didn't see any pirates but I was one of the last out, I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to Thursday image

  • Wow that's the furthest I've ever swam, Steve was great showing me the ropes.

    Will you be there on Thursday Evil Pixie ?

    I'm hooked now, I'll be queuing up early


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