running half marathon on Sunday with foot injury. advice and positivity welcom

I'm running Bupa Half Marathon on Sunday. Training was going really well until I ran 6 miles last Fri and hurt my outer foot 3 miles in. I saw my physio the day after who said I'd hurt my tendon. It's been sore ever since AMD I have had a couple of short runs since. I've taken ibuforen pain killers, gel, used ice cold treatment 3 times a day and visited my physio twice who's given ultra sound treatment. I have one leg longer than the other which we believe has caused this injury. It's too close to try inserts etc. I'm just looking for advice for the day as I still want to run. Im needing some positive thinking as all week I have remained positive that it'll be ok on the day but now my optimism is waning. Anyone out there managed to do well despite injury?


  • Ps. It's my first ever half
  • There will be other half marathons - personally I'd not run it with an injury - what would you prove ?

    You could make the injury worse and it'll take longer to recover. 

    You'll probably not get the time you're capable of.

    You might not even finish. 

    How much did the physio treatments cost ? Surely they'll outweigh the cost of the race entry ?

    (you could be as right as rain and do brilliantly - but who can tell !?)



  • Thanks but I was hoping for positivity. I've already thought of all that but have my own reasons to do it.
  • Leetee - you posted a question on here and was hoping for positivity. Sounds to me like you were hoping to hear what you wanted to hear i.e. go for it, you will be fine. The advise from Ultra Cougie makes sense to me. What is more important than missing one race while you recover ?

  • leetee...

    I believe nearly every one has one leg longer than the other same as we have one foot bigger than the other  and one boob bigger than the other. and the body usually learns to cope ...unless it is a greater than average amount which has been properely measured i would not take that as a reason........

    no advice for the day than can depends on which tendon and what the damage is to it

    better for you to be practical rather than have your reasons to do it and so you must focus on these reasons to get you through.these reasons are worth more to you than the chance of a lot of pain and long term injury and expense........

    so focus on these important reasons when it gets tough or you have negative thoughts......

    I hope that luck is with you and that you manage to run it .or even run/ wlak it without too many problems

    good luck

  • Many thanks seren nos. image
  • OK - Positivity.  Have you almost run the distance before in training ? If so that will help reassure you that you can do it. 

    How many runs have you done where you DIDN'T get injured ?

    Does the injury feel better than it did ? Hopefully yes. 


    Good luck.


  • Yes, I did 12 mile two weeks ago, no bother. Was in a very positive frame of mind then. I've done a 12 week training schedule, all gone well until the fatal run last Fri. Injury does feel better but its still there. Maybe pain killers and deep freeze the day will suffice...has anyone else run out there run on this?
  • Tendon strains can be serious, mild, or somewhere in between.  So one positive thing is that your physio has not told you not to do the run (I presume!).  If he/she thought you were particularly vulnerable to further injury, then I'd expect them to give you some fairly strong advice. 

    If your physio is happy for you to run the HM with painkillers, that's fine, but my guess is that you should not be taking them in the lead-up to the race. You need to be very carefully protecting that tendon - to get it in the best possible condition for Sunday - and if you dull the pain, you are not going to be aware if you're pulling and straining the tendon as you go about your daily business.

    Good luck with it.

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