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I am currently training for a 10k race and really need some advice on rest days during training and after the race.

I am doing four running sessions a week which are a combination of Fartlek, easy and long runs and I have one day rest a week. On the other two days I do spin and body pump and on one of the days I run I also do a spin class. Am I over training? I have been training for so long (not just for the run but in general) I feel I may have lost perspective on what is too much.

Also how many days rest should I allow after the run? As you can see, rest days are not my strong point which I know I will suffer for in the future.

I'd really appreciate any advice.



  • If you mean rest days after the running race, I would advise you go for an easy run the next day and don't do a gym session. It will help get the race out of your legs. But then if it was me I would drop the gym session altogether and stick to running as it will be bring more targetted benefits (unless you are a triathlete).

  • Thanks for the advice Joe, I think an easy run is what I will do.

     I was also wondering if I should include an extra rest day throughout the week and if I was doing too much. I always feel frustrated if I have a day where I don't exercise so I avoid them a s much as possible.

  • Victoria, you can answer that better than we can by just listening to your body. Do you still feel reasonably fresh going into a session? Or tired and lots of niggles all the time? I don't do spin classes so no idea how intense they are. I've done 3 running speed sessions a week in the past and generally got away with it... don't forget to do a good warm up and cool down though which presumably you get in the class?

  • it old are you and how intense is your training?

    remember that texercise is BAD for you! it's the rest where your body recovers and compensates. So with insufficient recovery you will find it hard to get better.

    You can 'listen to your body' which is certainly worth doing. However I would also look at training load/TRIMPs. Go to the zonefivesoftware forums and look for the discussions on the trainingload plugin. Their sporttracks software is great and free, you will learn a lot about the impact of exercise/training on your body (well i did anyway)

    But to answer your question: even if you are older than your mid 30s and of a good level of fitness then i'd say you're probably ok...but i'm guessing.



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  • You'll know when you need a rest day.

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