Singers/Bands that you just can't understand why other people like

I have absolutely no interest in the following singers and bands and really can't fathom why they are so popular with other people...  its a mystery......

David Bowie

Complete rubbish to me.....

Feel free to defend them or add your own...




  • Beatles

  • Pet Shop Boys are the one I really can't stand, I mean there are some bands like Queen that I don't like, but I can at least see how some people like their overblown soft rock type rubbish, but the Pet Shop Boys are just a couple of dull blokes with a cheap casio keyboard.   

  • I lkie adele.........i think liking or disliking things is a hard one to argue or weither do or you don't

    I love listening to donovan...but i can't tell you why

  • +1 for Morrissey *shudder*

  • I've tried, but me and Lou Reed are destined never to see to eye

    If Neil Young could refrain for singing ever again I would be a happy bunny (nice tunes and guitarwork I'll give you that, but that voice....)

    My radios are mostly tuned to Radio 4 or Planet Rock so I don't get much opportunity to be offended by new stuff.

  • If it doesn't get whacked out on Fenders and Gibsons plugged into a Marshall stack I don't understand itimage 


  • How Paul McCartney is still popular is baffling.

  • He's not.

  • Foo fighters image

    Not complete rubbish, I just don't see why anyone would get excited by them, just image

  • The Carpenters.  I mean, really?

  • Bruce C wrote (see)


    +1   pleasant tunes, not my cup of tea, but I don't understand their god-like status

    Morrissey is a total knob, but I do like listening to The Smiths

    If you really want to make me image andimage  put on some Proclaimers 

  • +1 for the Beatles or anything Paul McCartney related

  • Oh and sorry DV, but my absolute fave is Mr Bowie image

  • Happychap wrote (see)

    The Carpenters.  I mean, really?

    i love the carpentersimage

  • I'm sorry Seren, I really am but there is something about her voice that makes me want to stick my fingers through my eyeballs and pull my brain out.

  • Anything to do with hip-hop or what I see is now called 'r'n'b' I just don't understand.

  • Abba are shit

    Morrissey is shit

    Leonard Cohen is dull

    Elvis - nope.  never got him.

    Queen - live - fantastic. to listen to - annoying. likewise the Stones

  • Showing my age, but I never really got the Electric Light Orchestra. These days, I don't understand dirgey stuff such as Coldplay and Snow Patrol.

  • By the by, for a masterly take-off of the Pet Shop Boys....


  • Adele's has had some good songs. So have Pet Shop Boys, Beatles, Neil Young, Carpenters, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters.

    I like individuals and groups for the good songs they do. I don't expect to like everything a singer/group does, or expect to like their entire repertoire.

    As respects the earlier above, I find it hard to see anything worthwhile in Morrissey's music or Oasis's though. But other people do, so, fine. Each to their own.

  • Good tracks, e.g:

    Adele - Chasing pavements, Hometown glory, Make you feel my love, Rolling in the deep, Someone like you.

    Beatles - A hard day's night, Across the Universe, Because, Blackbird, Come together, Eleanor Rigby, For no one, Get back, Hello goodbye, Help!, Here comes the sun, Here there and everywhere, Hey Jude, I am the walrus, I'm only sleeping, In my life, Let it be, Michelle, Norwegian wood (this bird has flown), Nowhere man, Penny Lane, Revolution, Something, Strawberry Fields forever, The fool on the hill, The long and winding road, Ticket to ride, We can work it out, While my guitar gently weeps, With a little help from my friends, Yesterday.

    Carpenters - Close to you (they long to be), Goodbye to love, Rainy days and Mondays, Top of the world, We've only just begun, Yesterday once more.

    David Bowie - Changes, Fame, Golden years, Heroes, John I'm only dancing, Let's dance, Queen bitch, Space oddity, (with Queen) Under pressure.

    Foo fighters - The pretender.

    Neil Young - After the gold rush, Heart of gold, Old man, Only love can break your heart, The needle and the damage done.

    Paul McCartney - Another day, Band on the run, Bluebird, C moon, Every night, Jet, Let em in, Listen to what the man said, Maybe I'm amazed, My love, Pipes of peace, Silly love songs, With a little luck.

    Pet Shop Boys - Always on my mind, Being boring, Heart, It's a sin, Left to my own devices, Love etc, Numb, Rent, Somewhere, What have I done to deserve this?, Where the streets have no name, (with Lisa Minelli) Losing my mind.


  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    I love anything from classical, to rock, to punk, but I really can't stand anything that is listed under dance music be it hip hop, disco or techo/house. Good call on the Pet Shop Boys, as a child of the 80's I had to suffer that dirge alond with bloody Erasure almost constantly to the point that now just one note from their songs makes me want to cut my ears off in protest.

  • Abba, ELO, Erasure, Lou Reid,  Leonard Cohen, Snow Patrol, have likewise had at least some good stuff, e.g.

    Abba - I have a dream, Knowing me knowing you, Money money money, Take a chance on me, Thank you for the music, The name of the game, The winner takes it all.

    ELO - Mr Blue Sky, plus a dozen more

    Erasure - A little respect

    Leonard Cohen - A thousand kisses deep, Alexandra leaving, By the rivers dark, Famous blue raincoat, In my secret life, Suzanne

    Lou Reed - Perfect day, Walk on the wild side (two classics)

    Snow Patrol - Chasing cars, Chocolate, Run, Shut your eyes, Take back the city, You're all I have, (with Martha Wainwright) Set the fire to the third bar


  • I'll listen to anything if I am in the right mood.  I agree that some artists / bands you have to be selective with and I often find that I prefer the tracks that didn't get released as singles.  Maybe the singles get over played.

    I can't understand why people go completely mad over one particular artist or band.

  • oh yeh..  rap..  what is that all about..?   The words..?   You can't hear the words...!


  • Dark Vader wrote (see)

    oh yeh..  rap..  what is that all about..?   The words..?   You can't hear the words...!


    Isn't that something only old people say? image

  • yeh..  its all thump, thump, thump noise....  image


  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Waffy - I went to see the Proclaimers last night - apart from Van the Man they are the band I've seen most often. - 4 times I think

    I love Van and Leonard Cohen and can't abide things like acdc and The who leave me cold

    Rap is shit too, and techno image

    Am I showing my age?!
  • Coldplay - make me lose the will to live

  • Tom Jones.
    The Eagles.
    Elton John.
    Rod Stewart.
    Tina Turner.
    Pink Floyd.


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