Is it You ????


its the time of year where the RW team chose their guinea pigs for the sping marathon theory its a great way to bring fresh blood onto the forums..which is why it is mainly new people who are picked....

so does it work..........are you one of those that started posting on here to win the London/ paris trip and stayed


  • It did up my posting volume one year and in line with all competitions on here I have not found myself in the winners pile.. I lie, I won a training day with Lucozade, Liz Yelling was one of the coaches for the day and the winners of the FLM places were there, in shiny new gear and being generally well looked afterimage

    I am still here so in a way it worked taking me from an occasional poster to a more regular one

  • No. I was here before they started doing that.

  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭

    Nope. I came to ask advice about my dodgy knee. My knee is still bad, but I found myself a husband instead image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Nope. I wasn't but I'd like if they would pick a current forumite to the challenge.

  • That's a great story Sarah, he obviously wasn't a physio though.image

  • glad to see that it got you posting JF50

    even if it only gets a small number of new posters each year then its probably worth it.....

    and it always brings out some great debates

  • I love to see new victims... I mean faces on the forums.  Anything that increases that is good in my books, although I'm not sure how many people the competitions pull in...

  • It brought me back after an absence of 3 or 4 years and I must of posted 500 times in the last year...but then again I was lucky enough to win.  It really is a special prize, I can't reccomend the competition enough.

  • were all those 500 posts during the competition choistyimage

    it does seem a good comp if they get the balance rightimage

  • Any more... There must be more people who have joined because of the competition
  • I joined ... As a lurker but did post more as a result of getting into the boot camp last year! So yep ... Guilty!!image
  • I joined having seen there was a great list of organised races on here and having explored the forum a little and considering it may be useful for any running related woes.

    Having said that, I did literally just before opening this thread up register my interest. Would love the opportunity to do it! I think if you do win though it might encourage people to post more because it should be about sharing the experience provided by RW with the rest of the forum community. 

  • Runny RunRun.boot close but so far....

    Joe.....its a great event.... hopefully it will be just as good this year .......and attract some new people..............spread the word around image

    and remember the forum is for life not just for competition entryimage

  • no moreimage

  • No more what?


    You spread the word around you increase the competition for placesimage

  • image

     joe i like a bit of competition........not sure if i will enter his year though.entered every year and never even been shortlisted.........can't think whyimage

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