Podiatrist near Bracknell ?

Looking for a sports podiatrist fairly close to Bracknell as the orthotics I have are currently not fit for purpose, and I get a lot of foot pain after any run over 5 miles or so.

Any recommendation sout there?




  • The guy that did mine was based next door to The Windsor Club just off the Windsor Relief Road. This was a couple of years ago though, the podiatrist was called Ivan.

    Call The Slough Sports Injuries Clinic on 01753 830001. Hopefully he still visits there, but if not I am sure they can point you in the right direction.

    Good luck image

  • Oh and the Slough Sports injuries clinic is in Windsor not Slough. You'd think they'd call it Windsor Sports Injuries Clinic... I would anyway. image

  • I don't know it too far away for you, but you could try Andrew Wilson Smith at the Haslemere Clinic or Allen Physiotherapy in Guildford.

  • Thanks for the info - I'll look these two up.  I am pretty flexible re location, just didn't want to have to go to London

  • There's on e on Queens Road in Reading as well - Brightwell clinic i think

  • Karen Knightly at Footmechanix in West Byfleet...just up the M3 for you.

    She's excellent.

  • Thanks all - plenty to choose fromimage

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