My son is 12 years old and has dyslexia (server) and mild autism consisting of adhd and aspergus. I can cope with my son 98% of the time but school dont seem to be able to. He is about key stage 1 in his level as he cant seem to retain information. School say he fidgets, lack of concentration, etc. The school and peadatrion is pressurising me into giving my son the above drug but im sceptical.

What mum wants give their child a drug that can become addictive but i also dont want to be acused of holding my son back in his education due to his lak of concentration. It also the side effects as well.

If i lived in a dream world my son would be in a special need school but my local la say no. As autism unless really bad is not classed as a disability and dyslexia is deffinetly not. All he does at school is englsh maths and science plus one hour of fun subject everyday, cause he that far behind.

My son dont want to take it as he scared it will change him and loose the friends he got which arent that many. He also scared of getting aiddicted to it and the side effects. Iv been given a week to make my mind up, which isnt long at all for such a big discission.


So any parents out their who been down my path or got knowledge to help in swaying my decision please comment as talking to all sorts of people about it. Going away with his autism group this weekend so going speak to others then about it.


  • Yes as la not statement him. Iv applied but no luck. Even threatened to sue them but every child matters is a load of rubbish
  • hi Lisa,

    sorry no personal experience of this drug, but i can see why you're wary.

    What (other than suggesting drugs for adhd) are they doing to support your son's learning behaviour? It seems to me that realistic expectations and behaviour management advice for the adults , and strategies for him, from a specialist teacher in aspergers or a psychologist would be good practice. These are important whether or not drugs are prescribed and good practice.

    Why have you only got a week to decide? If they are threatening to exclude him the LA should be involved as he is at risk of exclusion and should have a protocol to support him keep/find a suitable placement. Do you have support from your parent partnership service 9LA will have contact details) or local autism group to ask for all the information you need on the drug, all the time you need to make a decision and for other behavioural support for your child in school.

  • Peadatrition said let her know my decision within week as she away the following week. Iv found parent partnership rubbish took me ringing everyday before they called me about a meeting with la. They rang 8pm night before. I emailed my key worker their and still a month and bit on waiting for her make contact with me. So not impressed with the service

    He not be expelled as he not naughty really just likes to talk for England and has no consentration span unless using his hands so fidgets. He so far behind at school but isn't that dyslexia not autism.

    its his keyworker at school who lead the need for drugs . I'm away with his autism group this weekend as they climbing Snowdon for funds for them. So going use the time to gain understanding

    I'm sure kids are drugged cause they don't form to society as its easier for them and way blaim parenting skills if U don't play game
  • Does dyslexia run in families?

  • Lisa

    There is really good evidence that stimulant drugs work in ADHD in kids and adults. Perfectly understandable that you have concerns, I suggest you talk to your son's doctor about medication in detail and they will be able to explain how the meds work and tell you about risks and benefits.

    Hope all works out well
  • Lisa

    the keyworker at school is not the person who should decide whether a kid should be medicated or not - quite simply that person is not qualified to presecribe medication.

    The paediatrician is - and don't feel pressured by the time - if she is away the following week, well, it can always wait tilll the week after.

    Maybe you can suggest some strategies for the school to use to help them with him? If he fidgets a lot, then he could have one of those little stress ball things or something to fidget with? That might help him to concentrate and wouldn't make a noise or distract other kids.

    I don't have any experience of being a parent of a child that needed medication, but I am a teacher and have experienced children taking medication - and what happens to them on the days they don't have the medication and are totally uncontrollable. However, my experience with those kids may not have any relationship to your child, as your child may be totally different and have different reasons for the medication than the kids I have come into contact with

    It is a really difficult decision to make. If you feel you need more information, I would suggest going back to the peadiatriation and having a long discussion

  • Lisa, there are posters on here that are on the Autistic spectrum and / or have children on the autistic spectrum.

    If you turn on messaging then I would be able to give you their screen names (those that are open about it) or they might try and contact you themselves with better information / more support.


  • There was a lady who posted extensively on here about a subject very very similar to this.


    Good advice from Mathschick.

  • Low blow Lardarse!

  • I will c if I can figure out how turn on messaging in minute

    At minute I have written a 4 page letter to school saying why should I consider putting him on Ritalin when you haven't followed the recommendations from la in his statement. I need c action from your side before I'm going make this huge decision.60 years ago we drugged and institution people who not conform to society and im sure we moved on from their.
  • lardarse wrote (see)

    Does dyslexia run in families?

    Yes, actually, it often does.

  • My son is on the autistic scale and has ADHD.  He takes methylphenidate daily and I believe it helps him immensely.  I was concerned when it was initially recomended but am convinced now that it was the right decision to go with it.  I had heard it called a medical cosh, but he is not docile or restrained after he has taken it.  He can concentrate far better and his brain isn't jumping around trying to process a thousand and one things.

    It may not be the right answer for every child but I really believe it was right for ours.

  • I think that pentwencal is right about finding what is right......

    My first point is I can't believe that he is not statemented..........if they think he is bad enough to need the drug then there must be a need for his educational needs to be sorted properly.I'm in wales so appreciate that it might be different in other area.

    youngest son is aspergers.......has been statemented since 5 and has one to one support through most of school......he was in a unit for a few years and is back in the mainstream now with very little support planning on getting 10 GCSEs this year of B and above....and all allowed on the laptop......the right support at a young age was vital..

    eldest in aspergers and adhd and extremely different from his youngest brother.....been hard work to stay in school from the age of 5.......was put on risperidone and then concerta  as well which is the same group as ritalin........they did make a bit of difference with concentration but not that much...he still got permanently excluded from his 3rd school before hitting comp age......

    luckily he got into a residential specialist school at 11 and within 6 months was off all medication.......

    To be honest i didn't ever want him on medication but i w2as at the stage i would try was much better when he was less anxious in his new school and so could learn other coping techniques...

    at nearly 19 he has no neeed for support or medication....

    you have to work out what is best for them individually.and i would not be rushed into any decision.its an important one and if you have to wait a month or so to take it them fine........discuss the option with the professionals........ask for more options and just keep on at them...its a battle 


    good luck


     and just to show it wasn't all my fault.the middle son is head boy at his schoolimage

  • seren nos wrote (see)


     and just to show it wasn't all my fault.the middle son is head boy at his schoolimage

    Seren - I hope you don't really think you are to blame in any way


  • mathchick....the number of times i heard the statement................his behaviour is unacceptable.................

    It felt as if  they thought  that i found the behaviour acceptable........... i found it just as unacceptable as everyone else............but it was solutions and ways forward i needed...........not be told that the behaviour was unacceptableimage

  • it must be reallly hard, and it is awful that you come up with that kind of attitude. Especially if it is schools and professionals that are telling you that when they should know better.

    The fact that both of your children with aspergers have actually done really well just shows that you must be a fantastic parent.

  • I just want to let parents know that it is worth the fight when the kids are have to constantly phone and write and have meeting and complaints to get what your children need.......all at a time when you are exhausted and very low because of it all.....if you can get any professionals on your side then it helps

    but if you can get the correct support/ schools and teaching then it can make all the children are at a stage that i would never have dreamed possible......

  • Seren nos. Its your experience that make me feel like i want move but all my family is here who is my support net work. His peadatrition has took school side as she never support me. Even asked if she support me in getting him a statement and she said no. I have written a letter for school saying why should i drug my son if you can't be bothered to action the reccomendation in his rejection letter for a statement.

    Even though i work set shifts and tell everyone what they are seem to still like sort meetings when im at work. So i then have wait for rearanged appointments. I just wish somebody was on my side.

    How do you turn this message thing on as im no very good on the computer. I will need step by step. Lol.

    Id love to win the lottery enough to start over in an area that has dyslexia / autism school for him. A place where a statement is possible. The way i feel at min is write to the education minister with a copy of letter im sending to school. At moment im doing this from my mobile so hope it makes sense.

    Both dyslexia and autism does run in my family but only my son has them both. He is such a loving boy and he may not be like other academic kids but give him individual sports and im one proud mum. The biggest joke at min school said is he can't do water sports this year as he needs a ta with him as special needs but just got 3rd in shire lifeguarding competition being youngest there.

    Thanks for all your advice and support i am taking it on board.
  • Also why don't I get emails say iv got replies on threads I start but do on others people I comment on.
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    its a safe way to have a private message on the forum...........


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