Im after some advice, Ive a servere problem with my jaw and am seeing all the right people for that however im now starting training for an ultra next august and am worried about getting the right stuff to fuel my body.

Ive been advised not to eat anything that requires chewing , thats all very well but have already started to loose some weight.

Im having lots of juices and smoothies , soup is fine so is mash potatoes but know im  not getting the carbs or protien that i need

any help happily recieved



  • You could add lentils and beans to your soups for additional protein or look at the meal replacement soups and drinks that are on market such as Complan. Can you eat rice pudding for carbs? How about wheatabix or oatibix cereal soaked until soft?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Do you have a blender ? If so bang in extra carbs and proteins and blast away into a soup
  • What about chicken or tunafish mousse style foods? Rice, couscous  and oats are useful sources of carbs and can be easily made into soup - soak some brown bread in as well? Try making home made soup and add some very fine pasta perhaps? If you like beetroot try a beetrooot hummus - chick peas and beetroot are good sources of protein and energy and if liquidised they are easy to eat (and tasty).  Can you add maca powder or as the others have said something like complan/meal replacement. If you are really concerned about your diet perhaps you could contact your GP/dietician and get some fortisip meal replacements? Good luck!

  • If it was me I think I'd be cooking/preparing all my normal meals then bunging them in a blender. Don't suppose that would work too well with toast and jam though! I'd be thinking of pasta meals with meat in them, stuff like that. I'd imagine with a bit of added milk they'd liquidise quite nicely.

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