Compression tights advice

Looking to buy some new compression tights for winter, would welcome your feedback on the different makes, skins, x-bionic and opedix or any others you can recommend.

thanks x


  • Hi Carol,

    I found most types quite expensive for just a try out until I found this place. Now have tshirt, leggings and the cycling stuff is amazing value too! If you don't get on with them, it's only a few pounds rather than £40+


    They also have a normal website: or I think. Hope this helps

  • Hey I recently bought some great compression

    Tights. Made by under armour heat gear ventilated compression tights.

    Great fit look good feel good. Now following advice from research as what

    Underneath. !!! I wear nothing. They offer support. Ok a bulg can be seen but so

    What that's how I'm made. And the mesh section at the front really works

    Like havin air con down there plus it helps disguise the onlooker

    Working out what religion you lol. A big No No is shorts over. Bad bad

    Look. But great tights with good quality
  • I found Hilly good and inexpensive for recovery ones.

  • Thanks - im looking for something to run in, especially long runs rather than recovery.

  • I entirely agree with Amrou, baggy shorts over tights look awful. I don't agree with nothing underneath though for a fella; though it may be fine for the ladies. The other option to consider is simply non compression tights a size smaller than you might normally use. These are far more easy to find at discount prices.

  • I loved my Skins A400's until I saw a photograph of myself at Parkrun last week.......I won't be wearing them again. I'm also surprised that I havn't been arrested.
  • Lol Sean , I know what you mean but skins in particular are actually

    Designed to be worn next to the skin. ie. ( nothing underneath ) the

    Same as cycling shorts are!!!

    I wear my body armour nothing under / over. They don't have a centre

    Front seam and have a mesh section which hides the bits.

    I say go for it it's the way we are designed.
  • LOL@Sean! I say stick with your Skins. If they fit and they're comfy, who cares what they look like. Just don't go doing star jump warm ups in front of groups of schoolkids.

  • I use 2XU. Not the cheapest, but I find that they do work for me and are worth the money. Mine have lasted really well and I use average twice per week summer and winter.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I'm looking for a new pair of compression tights but need to ask a numpty question.

    When should you wear compression tights? During a long run? only after? is there a 'real' difference?

    I find my skins are lovely but they're not for cold weather....

  • It depends: I wear both during and after depending on the session. If I feel like death or need to recover quickly, e.g. between rounds of a track championships, I would sleep in them overnight.

  • ooohh...I'm going to look like such a numpty in compression tights...scrawny legs...little pot there a problem with wearing something baggy over the top of I need to worry about chaffing?

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