heel pain

So about a week and a half ago I was worried I had a hip stress fractures so had been doing the so called 'hop test' every so often to reassure myself it wasnt. Anyhow I had probably been overdoing the hopping and noticed a pain on the outer side of my left heel. I have done loads of stretching and foam rolling of the calves etc and although it did feel tight and sore that has subsided but the heel pain hasnt.

 I get free physio at uni so went and she said there was nothing wrong with the joint etc and that she noticed i maybe slightly roll out over on my foot, i tend to land too much on the outside. I did get given some stretches which I have been doing but probably not enough. I did manage to run last sunday although i managed to as if i run sort of landing on the heel there is less pain, moreso if i land fore-foot first. The pain seems to ease throughout the day though still hurts to run, more on take off than landing though.


Any ideas what it could be/stretches to do?


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