Plantar fasciitis - will I ever recover


Any advice will be greatly recieved.

I was diagnosed with PF 15 months ago. After months of taping. stretching, new orthotics, steroid injection I really thought I had beaten it.

So.....I jogged around v.slowly for  few months and started to feel a bit smug. Then after 2 weeks of a harder training (and it was hardly excessive) it's back with a vegence.

I could cry with frustraion - I don't think it will ever recover enough to properly run on it again and ever do another race.

Has anyone else been in this position? Is there light at the end of the tunnel or am i going to be plagued with this forever.

Are there any other options? I feel like I've tried everything


  • Hi Gillaz,

    Do not despair - most cases of PF do settle in time. What shoes are you running in at the mo?

    Also do you do specific stretches for the plantar fascia and foam roller the calf? Both will help. Most people stretch the calf muscles - which is a good idea - but many don't realise that calf strength is also important in PF. Strong calf muscles can help reduce some of the stress on the fascia during impact. If you haven't already I'd add calf strengthening to your stretches too.

    Hope that helps

  • Thanks Tom

    Yes, I do lots of calf exercises and foam rollering but haven't done any specific calf strengthening. What would you recommend, please?

  • Hi Gillaz, I thought i had this the other as i finished a half marathon and a day later i could bearly walk. I read a magazine article that rolling your foot on a frozen water bottle or on a tennis ball helps to stretch the area. I've not tried this as my pain has subsided thank goodness but it looked like a good tip for stretching the area which i will try when my training resumes next week.

  • For calf strengthening I would do single leg calf raises - use a little support if needed, stand on your weaker leg and push up on your toes. Repeat until the calf is tired. You can also do this with the knee flexed around 30 degrees to target soleus or over the edge of a step to work a greater range of movement.

    Ideally you do around 3 sets of around 25 reps (with 1-2 minute rest between sets).
  • Thanks, Tom.

    Will start them tomorrow.

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