Paris or Rotterdam?


I'm thinking of  a Spring Marathon.

Got it down to 2, Paris or Rotterdam.

Which 1 should I do?? . Want pb



  • Rotterdam!

    I've run both, Paris a couple times as we used to live there. 35000 or so people = chock-a-block for much of the race. We even came to a complete stop at Bastille once after 5km. Unless you're at the front ( and I ain't) you spend a lot of time weaving around. Still a great 'big city' run certainly worth doing but not the fastest for sure.

    Rotterdam was pretty busy too for the first 15km or so then it was fine. Very flat, straight avenues etc. Was pretty warm in 2011 when I ran it last, definite PB chance if it's a bit cooler.
  • Thanks for that Kev, nice 1.

    I have just this week entered Edinburgh. Hoping to have a good run there. I know what you mean about 'bottleneck', I did Bupa  Manchester 10k couple years ago, and must have run nearer 8 mile when I had finished, (running round people).




  • No prob Tony. Good luck with Edinburgh. Mate ran it once and liked it. I've just signed up for Antwerp in the spring - its just up the road and should be nice and flat!
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