Just to let you know the Inskip half marathon is starting and finishing at HMS Inskip where car park was last year.There is a lot more parking this year and the event will be hosted in a marquee which will be large enought for 250 people to sit down and eat as this year we are putting hot pot on for each runner. We have upped the entry for 2013 as we had 327 entries this year and lots of people still wanted to enter so limit is 400. The even in 2013 will be donating1pound from each runner to a brain tumor charity as a runner I know has a friend that has just been diagnosed so a worthy cause so please enter and please dont leave it till the last minuite but I will always try and accomadate any questions dont hesitate to contact me.


  • Can't find details of your race on RW.   Please could you let me have a link.  Thanks.


  • Hope to do it this time as I'll probably not be doing the Catforth one.
  • Sorry stilldreaming I will contact RW as I have set it up for online registration but is seems that it does'nt come up on the diary this is the second time this has happened. It could be that they want helsby and the brass monkeys to fill up first and so they just block mine until they fill or it could just be a computer error who know's. You can go on or ukresults. If anyone is bringing family and would like hot pot let me know and if you could fill a entry form in and send it to me with a cheque for ??2 each and I will make a list so you can eat with family. Hows the injury toe are you able to do the guild or not.
  • Thanks for asking Alan. Stress fracture has taken time to settle but can't rush it. Did 28 mins of running yesterday and building 10% at a time now so nowhere near mara shape! A moderate time at Inskip might be a suitable target.
  • Hi toe are you and family coming over for the preston 10 or to do ruddolf race at christmas again if so I'll see you there.
  • Still not available to enter via Runnersworld

  • Alan - I'm still not recovered from stress fracture so won't be at Hutton, I'm afraid. Place available! Maybe Rudolf tho! And hopefully Inskip!
  • Entered on-line via Running Diary.

    Good race last year and with the new start/finish think this will be better still this year.

  • Entered on-line via Running Diary.

    Good race last year and with the new start/finish think this will be better still this year.

  • Cheers max and toe. I think everyone has just about got over the guild marathon as this week so many people have entered which is great. But I hope we dont just fill up with people that cant get into helsby or brass monkeys and want to run it again because it is a good course and well organised as we have ironed out the few things from last year so all the best and see you soon.
  • It`s looking like there`ll be me and a few others I know in for this Alan! Not sure what kind of shape I`ll be in mind.

  • Dont panic 10 week of 20+ miles short runs so it gives you better recovery time and rest and once every 10 days do a medium distance run 9 miles plus and 2 weeks before do the distance and you will have a good run. Dont forget keep rubbing that injury so you keep the blood flowing and makes better recovery.Cant believe we have had 22 entries since sunday which is great.
  • Cheers Alan. At the mo, I'm increasing my LDR each week by a cautious ten percent and keeping my other runs short. My long run will be 52 minutes this week so not far off 7 miles. I'll enter after pay day!
  • lol will this race actually have finish line this year!?

  • Sure will it starts and finishes is on a long straight road . The race HQ is where the car parking was this year with a marquee big enough for 300 people with hot food after and a bar so not as cramped as the pub. Hope the wind is a little lighter this time so that the course can show its true potential as a fast course for lots of PBs.
  • Hi folks just an update on entries 200 to date so by the new year should be full so please dont leave it to late. For all the online entries as soon as the closing date is here I will send emails out with all the final instruction so hope to see you in Jan merry christmas and happy new year and dont stop training.
  • I'm signed up now online. Didn't want to risk missing out like I have done for the Rudolf Red Nose. image

  • Hi Rick did you enter last year as name seems to ring a bell lets hope wind is not as strong. Its good to see a lot of unattached have entered so far this year as the event is for all abilities not just fast boys and girls. Dont seem to have as many runners world in this year they must have all got in helsby and brass monkeys.See you in jan and dont have to much pud all the best Alan T.
  • Hey Alan, Last year I felt it was too soon for me to step up although I did post on here about stepping up to do a half. Done a couple this year so comfortable with the distance now (although I will never be swift). Doubtless we will have crossed paths at events over the year (Guys 10 most recently). Keep wondering if Wesham RR is what I need in my running life.

  • You must be local then. It all depends what you want out of running if you want to get your times down and work hard answer is yes. If you want a good social life the answer is yes. If you want about 15 free races a year then the answer is yes. If you like to travel then the answer is yes. If you answer no to those then you know the answer.
  • If anyone would like to enter this race I will be at the rudolph race at blackpool on sunday so you can save a bit of cash. I'll be at the fire station early so just ask for me and someone will point me out.
  • How flat is the course? I've entered and I'm hoping to go reasonably fast, but I've never run this race (or indeed anywhere in Preston) before. Thanks!

  • Hi Pethead.

    The course is not flat flat but the very small climbs which there are six are about 30 feet in half to three quaters of a mile so not hard but they just keep your legs awake. If you try and find the last thread from this years race there is garmin data. I've ran it with a group of slower runners and did it in 1.37 and the course record is 1.15 but that was with a 9 mile 38 mph head wind and he was on his own all the way round hope this helps all the best Alan T.
  • Hi pethead go on to followed threads at top of page look for inskip half and garmin data is on the second page of thread under richard jones.
  • Hi just an entry update 230 to date so looking good.
  • Hi to all of you hope you all had a great xmas. Iff possible for those who have entered with runners world could you please let me know by email what food you would like after the race its either meat or veg hotpot cheers cheers Alan T.
  • Just signed up for this , it took a couple of goes on line but am in !

    Looking forward to it as its my first road race since the liverpool marathon (4:32) am hoping for sub 2 hours !
  • Happy new year one and all hope you are all feeling fit and ready for the 20th I hope the weather is good to you all and you get your first PB of the year. If possible could you please car share and please dont leave to soon as you never now you might just win a prize see you soon Alan T.
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